Johnson Mwangi

I was diagnosed with HIV in 2013. I have lived in UK since 1998. I have had a lot of work experience and education in UK. The most interesting sector was health and social care especially when I worked in Harrow at a mental health service.

l stopped working with health care services and launched my own security firm in 2010. I was doing very well before falling ill in 2013 and unable to run the small business and moved to Leicester. Since then I have been involved with HIV services charity based running a service users group at LASS.

I am also trustee at Faith in People with HIV. As a mentor, I enjoy doing my voluntary chores. Faith in People with HIV engages service users with activities, training, signposting to relevant other services. Our service gets new people who have not been in the country very long.

I have been involved with UK-CAB and I attend most of the training and meetings. I was voted in the steering group recently. I am proud to be a member of UK-CAB. My hobbies are reading, walking, camping. I am learning more about HIV. I have gained confidence in self advocacy through training and doing my own research. I hope I continue to gain more by being involved with UK-CAB.

Published: February 29, 2016
Last edited: November 10, 2016