Community representatives

Current UK-CAB representatives (2016)

British HIV Association (BHIVA) sub-committees

Executive committee Paul Clift
Education and scientific committee Alastair Hudson
Audit and standards sub-committee Rebecca Mbewe, Ben Cromarty
Conferences sub-committee Paul Clift
Guidelines sub-committee Paul Clift
Hepatitis sub-committee Robert James
Fundraising Working Group Subcommittee Terry White

Reps for other organisations

National HIV Nurses Association (NHIVNA) Longret Kwardem
NHIVNA Psychological Care Audit Working Group Kathleen Charters

BHIVA guidelines

BHIVA guidelines page

Treatment guidelines (2015) Kathleen Charters
Roy Trevelion
BHIVA guidelines for the routine investigation and monitoring of adult HIV positive individuals (2015) Esther Williams
Dano Wheals
Sexual and reproductive health guidelines Chris O’Connor, Lisa Thorley, Polly Clayden
Hepatitis B coinfection guidelines Paul Bateman
Hepatitis C coinfection guidelines Robert James
Pregnancy guidelines Polly Clayden
Beatrice Osoro
Malignancy guidelines Simon Collins
TB coinfection guidelines Esther Dixon-Williams
Midlands and East region prescribing guidelines Dano Wheals, Kwardem Longret
 Antiretroviral treatment for HIV-2 positive individuals  Esther Dixon-Williams
Management of HIV infection in pregnant women Lisa Thorley
Testing guidelines 2016 David Galindo
Roy Trevelion
Management of side effects guidelines Vacant

 Study steering committees

Current studies (2016)
Research In Viral Eradication of HIV Reservoirs trial (RIVER) – part of CHERUB group. Damian Kelly
Low dose efavirenz study Paul Clift, Michael Harkin
POPPY study Memory Sachikonye
Beyond Undetectable: measuring what matters to people with HIV Alice Welbourne, Mark Platt
BHIVA working group on recording late HIV diagnoses Chenai Chimtashu
BHIVA Primary care project Jackie Morton
UK Collaborative HIV Cohort Study (UK-CHIC) Roy Trevelion
UK HIV drug resistance database Simon Collins
PENTA (paediatric network) Polly Clayden
Oxford University vaccine study Simon Collins
START CAB and scientific steering committee (INSIGHT Research Network) Simon Collins
D:A:D study (via HAART Oversight Committee) Simon Collins
PROUD PrEP study Matthew Wiliams
MRC CTU Patient and Engagement: Ben Cromarty
ART-CC cohort Matthew Williams
HAUS study Memory Sachikonye
PRIME study (Positive tRansItions through the MEnopause) Fiona Pettit, Jane Shepherd, Janine McGregor
Clinical audit – HIV & STI feasibity study Esther Dixon-Williams
Fanconi study Ben Cromarty, Paul Clift
HIV respiratory study Memory Sachikonye
PhD Advisory Group – linkage to care Chenai Chimtashu, Longret Kwardem
London HIV Prevention Program Evaluation Advisory Committee Winnie Sseruma
The Use, Cost, Outcome of UK Hospital and Community Services for eople Living with HIV in the Early 21st Century Jason Hale, Kathleen Charters
Positive Outcomes Jo Josh, Aicha Kallo
The King’s Fund Future of HIV Services Robert James, Jane Shepherd, Mel Rattue
Completed studies
PIVOT (PI monotherapy trial) steering committee Ben Cromarty
Hydroxychloroquine trial steering committee Toju Cline-Cole


HIV Clinical Reference Group (HIV CRG) Jackie Morton, Lizzie Jordan
HIV CRG Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) policy group Paul Clift, second rep vacant
HIV CRG drugs sub-group Garry Brough, Simon Collins
London HIV Clinical Advisory Groups Isaac Samuels, Christopher Williams, Garry Brough, Virginia Cucchi and Jake Chambers
BASHH MSM Special Interest Group Richard Desmond and Michael Harkin
Federation of HIV Associations (FHIVA) Steering Committee Mark Stroud

Published: January 29, 2016
Last edited: February 20, 2017