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Title: Saving Lives Campaign: Looking for advocates
Post by: Charlotte Walker on March 18 2011, 03:38 pm
One in four of those living in the UK with HIV are unaware that they have been infected. This amounts to around 22,000 people who have no access to life-saving treatment, and are very likely to contribute to onward transmission of the virus. The seriousness of this figure is compounded by the misunderstanding in the wider population about what HIV is, and who and how it infects: in young people, complacency has set in, the scares of the 1980s for them a very distant memory; many heterosexuals continue to label HIV a predominantly homosexual disease; and older people, in fact the group amongst whom diagnoses are growing fastest, simply assume they are not at risk.

The opportunity therefore exists to develop a public awareness campaign aimed particularly at the importance and benefits of regular HIV testing. Several organisations such as the British HIV Association already aim these messages at a clinical audience for instance as part of the recent Time To Test conference held on World AIDS Day 2010, which received government backing. Other organisations, such as the Terrence Higgins Trust, aim a more broadly-based public health message at the general public. A focused, accessible message in favour of normalised HIV testing, however, does not yet exist. If this message is not properly delivered to the general public, it will, in spite of potential advances in clinical training, remain difficult to achieve broad testing, better diagnosis, and lower transmission rates.

How can you help?
The best advocates are always those people who can add personal experience to the message. Saving Lives are looking for HIV positive advocates to speak about the importance of testing and knowing your status. Advocates should be willing to speak to the press, at public events, on TV or radio. You can do as much or as little as you want and are under no obligation at all.

If you are interested in getting involved in this important cause or would like to find out more then please contact us at or call Charlie at i-Base on 0207 407 8488. For more information about the Saving Lives campaign please see our new website by visiting (

Title: Re: Saving Lives Campaign: Looking for advocates
Post by: Matt Williams on March 18 2011, 04:18 pm
Someone should tell them no-one is an owl and the vertical menu on the website isn't going to help anyone get an HIV test without a voucher for some physio as an incentive/compensation for browsing.