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Title: ''The NHS needs more managers''
Post by: kevinkelleher on May 18 2011, 04:20 pm
A nine month inquiry by The King's Fund's 'commission on NHS leadership and management' has concluded that the NHS is in urgent need of a new style of leadership to overcome unprecedented financial pressures and adapt to future challenges.

The report emphasised what the think tank said was the "crucial" role that general and clinical managers can play in delivering productivity improvements and service transformation in the NHS.

While the commission found that high-quality, stable management was key to high-performing health services, the average NHS chief executive spends just 700 days in their job. The report called for a new type of 'shared leadership' involving leaders at different levels of the workforce working collaboratively with all those involved in patient care to lead change and improve services.

Given its size and complexity, the NHS is under-managed but over-administered, The King's Fund said. Specifically, no assessment of the future needs of the NHS had been made, yet the coalition government imposed a 45 per cent cut in NHS management posts and a 33 per cent cut in administration costs. Also, a large cohort of NHS administrators had developed over time to respond to extensive and often duplicated requirements from multiple regulators and performance managers an urgent assessment of the information demands placed on the NHS was needed.

The think tank also said that each NHS organisation should take responsibility for its own leadership development and quality of management, including dealing with failing managers. And the work that was started to strengthen leadership and leadership development should be taken forward through the creation of an NHS Leadership Centre.

Commission chair Professor Chris Ham (also chief executive of The King's Fund) said: "We know there is public support for reducing the number of NHS managers. But given the immense challenges facing the NHS, politicians of all parties must resist the temptation to denigrate the value of management in delivering excellent and efficient services.

"The priority for the future NHS must be to deliver the best care possible to those with chronic and long-term conditions. That needs a new style of NHS leader, as adept at building partnerships to deliver care across boundaries as they are at managing their own services."

Title: Re: ''The NHS needs more managers''
Post by: Ben Cromarty on May 18 2011, 05:54 pm
...when I saw the headline, my first thought was that this is a joke...but no, they are being serious...