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Title: UK Family Project Forum - an new resource for HIV social care
Post by: Vicki Morris on July 21 2011, 05:33 pm

We are pleased to announce that The UK Family Project Forum is live and open to registration. Itís a UK wide online forum for those working to support children, young people and families living with and affected by HIV. We aim to build a peer support network to share best practice, events, resources, support needs, funding and relevant research and information.

The need to network and share practice was evident at the Practice Sharing Day held by The UK Family Project and CHIVA on the 8th March 2011. We considered the current practice challenges and service provision in relation to a range of issues such as stigma, discrimination and disclosure, transition and testing children, as well isolated and scattered communities, and funding constraints.

The forum is secure and open to members from any discipline who provides a social support service to families living with HIV in the UK. If you are interested in the forum and becoming a member click here: for further information contact

This forum is hosted by Positive Parenting and Children, supported by a generous grant from the Elton John AIDS Foundation and developed as part of the wider aim of The UK Family Project to enable parents and professionals to appropriately support the needs of children and young people living with HIV. The UK Family Project is a partnership between PPC, Waverley Care and Northern Ireland Regional HIV Social Work Team.

Warm regards

Vicki Morris
UK Family Project Co-ordinator
Positive Parenting and Children