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Title: The Forum Link Project New Message Board facility
Post by: Forum Link on August 2 2011, 07:19 pm
Dear UK CAB Members,
The Forum Link Project is hosting a new message board system to help improve communication between all parties involved in the Patient and Public Engagement Sub Group.

I hope the new message board system will be a useful tool for those interested in the field of HIV service commissioning, provision, delivery and development.

I have set the board system up so you will be sent a notification by email when a new topic is started, but not be sent follow-up messages as other board members reply to that topic; you will have to log in to the message board to post a reply or follow the comments from other board members, much the same as the UK CAB set up.

If you would like to join the new message board please send an email to and I will create an account for you.

Finally I would like to clarify that the message boards are independent of the SCG or any other organisation and wholly owned and run by The Forum Link Project.

Kind Regards,

Paul Decle
The Forum Link Project.