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Title: Open Letter to the Leaders of the G8 Nations
Post by: Silvia Petretti on December 6 2011, 01:23 pm
Please sign our online petition to support this open letter, which appears below, seeking to correct the desperate situation of millions of people affected by malaria, TB and HIV around the world. (

December 2011

Dear President Obama, Chancellor Merkel, Prime Minister Harper, Prime Minister Cameron,  President Sarkozy, Prime Minister Monti, Prime Minister Noda, Prime Minister Putin

                                    Re: DONORS DENY – WOMEN DIE: Global Fund Crisis a Death Knell for all including Women, Children, more than half of the global epidemic global.

This is a letter to all of you who make up the G-8 members from women’s groups, networks of women living with HIV and other organizations working with women with HIV, malaria and tuberculosis worldwide on the commemoration of World AIDS Day. We express our deepest shock and despair at the G-8’s recent announcement of budget cuts , leading inevitably to the devastating decision by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (the Global Fund ) to cancel the planned next round of disease-control funding, the 11th since its inception.

You are undoubtedly aware that the Global Fund is the most important financial institutional approach to addressing three global epidemics, of HIV, malaria and tuberculosis. Without meeting the funding commitments you have previously made at the G-8 Summit at Gleneagles for an additional $50 billion by 2010 (still unmet), the Global Fund will barely be able to maintain its present programming. It will definitely not be able to enroll the other 7.6 million people globally who need HIV treatment, at least half of whom are women. We, global women, weave the fabric of our societies together-working outside and inside the home, caring for the sick, keeping our family and  communities together and functioning.

Hundreds of thousands of children will also die from malaria because they cannot afford a $5 bed net, a $1 diagnostic test and a $1 dose of anti-malarial medicine or access to a clinic. Is this what you intend? These are our children, G-8 leaders, and you too have a responsibility to care for them.

It would be risible if it were not so diabolical to hear that we cannot afford this funding. One day’s military budget would more than cover one year’s commitment to the Global Fund - and would make all the difference to our lives. Why can we always find money to kill but not to save lives? While it is late, the situation of the Global Fund is not unsalvageable. The Global Fund needs countries who have pledged to support the Fund , to pay their contributions now and countries that have not yet pledged to do so without delay. Leaders of the G-8,we appeal to you to urge other countries who have reneged on their promises or fallen behind on their payments to step up and do the right thing. Act immediately to meet your commitment to additional funding to save millions of lives.

We call for an emergency donor conference to raise  $2 billion  for a new funding opportunity in mid-2012. Thus, by July 2012, the date for the International AIDS Conference, the Global Fund will have issued a new call for proposals.

 G-8 leaders, we are your citizens, your residents, your employees and taxpayers, traders with your states and beneficiaries of your funding. We come from all walks of life, from catering staff, bus drivers and child care workers  to lawyers, politicians and doctors. We elect you. You are therefore expected to be responsive to our voices. Our collective voice tells you to meet your Global Fund commitments and save our women, and the men and children we love.

 Yours truly,