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THT will be providing groupwork for Africans: LIFE BEGINS AT 40 . All africans living with HIV and aged 39 and above are welcome to participate .

The groupwork will provide knowlege and information , To understand how HIV is a part of that aging process, To suggest ways of creating support networks that encourage life fulfilment . Provide information about aging with HIV

Week 1: Letís talk about life , Challenges/barriers , Exploring Social care and needs.

Week 2: Aging with HIV, Physical Changes and emotional changes. HIV and your body.

Week 3: Moving on /Positive thinking , Pleasure and prevention, Future plans, Support system/ resources

The first Life begins at 40 start on the 03/02/12, 10/02/12 and 17/02/12
To sign up or for more information, contact Christabel Kunda African groupwork  on 0207 812 1719