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Title: TB-HIV Messaging Workshop Friday 3rd May, 10:00-12.30am
Post by: Elijah Amooti on April 20 2013, 02:05 pm
Hello All

TB-HIV Messaging Workshop, Friday 3rd May, 10:00-12.30am, RESULTS UK Offices, 31-33 Bondway, London SW8 1SJ
Angela Pereira is the Senior Communications Associate for the ACTION Global Health Advocacy Partnership based in Washington DC. She works on International and U.S. Media as well as ACTION's social media presence, with a strong focus on TB. She is visiting the UK and we would like to offer her time to the HIV and TB communities for a workshop on joined-up TB-HIV messaging. The intended outcomes for the day are to learn about and plan for more powerful messaging for both disease communities. This will be particularly useful in a Global Fund replenishment year, but also unlock many joint messaging and advocacy opportunities - for example, World TB and Aids days, or leveraging events like the recent Global TB Vaccines Forum held in South Africa.
Please do note that places are  limited ,UKCAB  may  send  two  reps interested in TB  and  HIV

Please book by emailing Tel 0207 499 8238

Good  weekend
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