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Title: Coming to Brighton Pride? Want to be part of the HIV Justice float? RSVP ASAP X
Post by: Dan Glass on July 27 2013, 04:20 pm
Please Pass on to all networks to those you think will appreciate and sign up if you want to be part of the fun :)

“On behalf of ACT UP New York’s alumni, we’re thrilled to see the UK acting-up again. Shafted?! reminds us of our gloriously ribald and creative roots, so keep up the fight, comrades. Until there’s a cure, ACT UP!” Peter Staley, legendary AIDS and gay rights activist.
As part of a growing coalition of groups and activists against the UK cuts to HIV education and prevention services we are proud to announce we have a float at Brighton Pride (Saturday August 3rd) this year! So are you HIV infected or affected by HIV in any way? Do you know and care people struggling to deal with HIV? Can you wiggle your butt? Can you be available for a 3 hour rehearsal the evening of Friday August 2nd in Brighton? These are all the requirements to be part of the 20 strong team of dancers for this year’s Brighton Pride 2013! Please get in contact on by no later than Wednesday 31st July at noon - ALL DETAILS HERE at

SHAFTED?! BUILDING THE HIV ARMY - is a performance involving nothing less than a human cannonball! To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Aids Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) and reignite the necessity for grassroots mobilisation as infections rise and the welfare reforms to services threatened. Scripted and created by those living with HIV, is a ‘coming out’ project to expose the reality of what it means to live with HIV in 2013  see video here at

‘Shafted?! Building the HIV ARMY’ have been asked to perform on a float at Brighton Pride this August 3rd 2013. Brighton Pride’s theme this year is ‘Gay Icons’. This is a great opportunity to celebrate the legacy of those who have blazed a trail for justice before us. And who better to celebrate than the amazing Aids Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) and the brilliant Huffington piece ‘ACT UP’S 25th Anniversary Offers Chance To Reflect On AIDS Activism’s Evolution’. So if you thought that Pride had been all but sucked up by the corporate machine, think again! ACT UP most definitely are not all gay and are an incredibly diverse bunch across the world, but us gay’s have played a strong part! This is a celebration of how we can attempt to turn prejudice to performance action and negatives to positives. The networks and movements building around the show so far have been glorious, transformative and incredibly fun. Our team of dancers and performers at Shafted?! will organise a beautiful tribute to the icons of HIV activism over the last 25-30 years, in the spirit of the legacy of ACT UP. This will involve a choregraphed dance on stage with a informative and informal quiz show with our big glittery quiz wheel, interactive chat and prizes to compliment the dance to generate excitement about the role the Brighton community has  played towards important LGBTQI / HIV activism. Please email and sign up to our facebook here. If you would like to volunteer in the organising you are more than welcome. Get in touch!

Information for dancers from Clare, our lead Shafted?! Dancer! .. HIV as we know is a very sensitive, complex and debilitating subject. It too often whirs around our minds in isolation and it can be easy to live in silence. On the other hand, if you feel completely up for a challenge and want to do something different, meet new people and make new friends in a new community, make a point or even just do some performance, protest and action for fun- amazing! If you have HIV or if you are passionate about how it affects people you may know or love – get involved.  We want a group of wildcats who know how to feel sexy. The intention is to capture and express that feeling of raucous, sensational, power – the embodied knowledge of sexual autonomy we have all felt at some point in our lives. Come and be part of a crew who absolutely exude sexuality for a few short minutes to a Wino backing-track… The more outrageous the better. Previous dance experience will be useful, but not essential. An open-mind and a body that understands rhythm and pleasure will be handy.  ALL ARE WELCOME ! Confidentiality is assured and refreshments and a good environment are provided.

We are also looking for drummers, musicians (ideally saxophone and accordian), a rehearsal space for the evening of Friday August the 2nd, a truck and a sound system. Oh yeah, and financial donations wouldnt go amiss! Please email

Shafted?! will endeavour to pay transport costs of all those involved on the day.
One love, dan from Shafted?! Building the HIV Army X All info at