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Title: Patient input required for qualitative research focus group
Post by: UK CAB Moderator on November 18 2013, 12:44 pm
See request below for qualitative research focus group.
I  am a nurse and recently left Chelsea and Westminster and am now working in the Patient Experience Research Team at imperial College. We are in a position to do a piece of qualitative research into the HIV patient journey particularly in the light of changing treatment guidelines and changes to care pathways. The aim is to conduct this research at Chelsea and Westminster and St Marys. I am trying to get a one off patient focus group together to discuss what would be most useful to the HIV community to inform and shape the research protocol. We will also set up a patient clinician steering group for the research this would be optional for the focus group attendees. I have 3 definites at the moment and some possibles.

If you are interested in taking part, ideally from Chelsea or St Marys, please contact Jane Bruton:

Thanks, Memory