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Title: E-campaign on HIV & Poverty
Post by: Garry Brough on February 24 2014, 03:44 pm
Yesterday, Terrence Higgins Trust released a new report, HIV and Poverty (, which looks at applications made to the Hardship Fund and examines why people living with HIV have been applying for financial assistance.
Having HIV should not mean that a person becomes financially vulnerable. However, we are seeing people applying for the Hardship Fund who cannot afford basic living costs. In 2012, 46 per cent of applicants had a weekly disposable income of less than 50 and 35 per cent had no disposable income at all. Almost half of applicants applied for financial assistance to purchase food.
Local councils have a responsibility for the health and wellbeing of the people in their community. It is vital that they know about the needs of people living with HIV in their area so that they can factor them into their strategies for health and support.
You can help raise awareness by emailing your Cabinet Member for Health to tell them about the HIV and Poverty Report and ask them whether the needs of people living with HIV are a part of their planned health and support services.
Please take a moment to go to our campaigning page here ( and fill in your details. You will be able to send a pre-written email or to edit it to include a personal message to your Cabinet Member for Health. You will also have the opportunity to send a copy of the letter to your local newspaper(s), highlighting the need for services for people living with HIV and people experiencing financial problems.

Thank you in advance for your help and support in raising this issue.

Garry Brough
Membership & Inolvement Officer