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Title: SSAT Clinical Trials Unit recruiting for the CogUK study
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A randomised, prospective study, assessing changes in cerebral function in treatment naive HIV-1 infected subjects commencing either boosted atazanavir with Truvada or boosted darunavir with maraviroc/Kivexa. It runs over 48 weeks excluding screening and follow up. Includes MRI scans and neurocognitive assessments with cogstate and written questionnaires.
Inclusion Criteria
  • electively commencing antiretroviral therapy for the first time,
  • no previous antiretroviral treatment since HIV diagnosis
Exclusion Criteria
  • hepatitis B or hepatitis C co-infection

(Optional study)
There is a LP sub study at week 48 with a payment of 400

Zeenat Karolia
Specialist Research Assistant
SSAT Clinical Trials Unit