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Title: Invitation to Hep C Research- £30 Amazon payment.
Post by: Elias Phiri on December 31 2014, 12:09 pm
For UK people infected with Hep C, we are paying £30 Amazon voucher to complete an online study. The research is designed to evaluate disease impact from a patientís perspective. Main research topics include: patient perception of living with Hep C, awareness of their current treatment, how patients cope with their condition and type of information sources patients use and prefer This is a 40-50 minute survey and you will be able to resume from where you left in case you decide to take a break. Please click on the survey link below to participate in this research:
If you complete the study and have not got the £30 amazon voucher, please contact us; Opinion Health on  +44 (0) 207 486 6670

NB: For people who already completed the survey early on, we will email you a £30 Amazon voucher instead of £20, thus no need to re-do the survey. Some people are taking more than 50mins to complete the survey thus the need to increase incentive to £30 amazon voucher

Title: Re: Invitation to Hep C Research- £30 Amazon payment.
Post by: Simon Collins on December 31 2014, 12:52 pm
Hi Elias

When you post these surveys please can you say who is running them. It is not clear if this is commercial or for the NHS or an NGO for example.

If they are direct or indirectly survey for pharmaceutical companies this has to be clear. If they are being run by a PR company for a pharmaceutical agency this has to be clear.

Also, if you are acting as a consultant as part of this process this has to be clear for transparency.

best wishes for 2015


Title: Re: Invitation to Hep C Research- £30 Amazon payment.
Post by: Elias Phiri on January 2 2015, 04:40 pm
thanks Simon. Noted.

Title: Re: Invitation to Hep C Research- £30 Amazon payment.
Post by: Ben Cromarty on January 7 2015, 08:17 pm
...noted, but not answered...

It appears to be a survey run by a PR company on behalf of a pharma. This appears when you get into the survey:


Thank you for agreeing to participate in this market research project on the subject of Hepatitis C. The questionnaire will take approximately 50 minutes to complete.

Kantar Health would like to reassure you that any information you give will be treated confidentially, without reference to individuals' names. The market research conforms to Market Research Society regulations and any information you give will simply be added to the answers received from others to provide an overall picture of views. The project is being sponsored by a pharmaceutical company.

This survey is run via a secure Kantar Health server; all information held on this server is protected from external sources.

By entering the survey link you understand and agree to the following:
I understand that this market research is sponsored by a pharmaceutical company and is being carried out within the codes of conduct of the Market Research Society, British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association/BHBIA and European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association/EphMRA.
I understand that the aim of this market research on the topic of Hepatitis C is to gain my views for market research purposes in the development of marketing campaigns, educational materials and the development of new commercial products AND IS NOT INTENDED AS A PROMOTIONAL EXERCISE.
I understand that the outputs of this market research will be used for information only by the sponsoring pharmaceutical company.
I agree that anything I see or read during this market research should be treated as confidential. Any information presented during the course of this research is done so solely to explore reactions to such information and should be assumed to represent hypotheses about what can be said about a product or disease area. It should not be used to influence decisions outside the research setting.
I understand that the identity of respondents is confidential and none of my details will be passed on to any 3rd party.
I understand that any information I disclose will be treated in the strictest confidence and the results of the market research aggregated to provide an overall picture of attitudes to the areas being covered in this survey. No answers will be attributable to me as an individual.

It's a bit worrying that anyone can enter any old stuff into the survey and get the reward...there doesn't seem to be any method of checking the veracity of anyone's responses.