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Title: Last 2014 issue of EuroHealth Published - 'Migrants and Health'
Post by: Mark Platt on January 5 2015, 12:31 pm
The final Eurohealth issue for 2014 throws the spotlight on migrant health and the importance of ensuring that everyone in Europe, irrespective of country of origin and legal status, has proper access to health services and treatment.

In the Eurohealth Observer section, Williams and Noori explore the often higher infectious disease burden in migrant populations in Europe, including for HIV, TB and chronic hepatitis B.

Just as importantly, the authors highlight the real difficulties in monitoring and treatment, given the lack of reliable data on migrant-specific variables within current disease surveillance systems.

Delving into more detail, Falla et al. identify the public health threat of viral hepatitis in Europe and emphasise the need for effective screening, particularly for vulnerable population groups such as migrants. The authors showcase the new HEPScreen Toolkit that has been developed specifically for the practical implementation of screening protocols.


Report available here: