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Title: Breathing matter's ...... take a breath and have me time ....
Post by: Michael Harkin on March 11 2015, 11:18 am
Hello guys,
I am sorry I have not posted in a few weeks or so but I have been completely snowed under at work and feeling the pressure of covering a large area.
LGBTI History month has come and gone, re-fresher’s fairs at the colleges and universities I cover have come and gone. Time to breathe again …….
End of year reports for two NHS boards are one down and one to go.
The HIV Scotland Positive Persons Forum was a great success and we have our round up meeting for that on Monday. It was great to meet new people at the forum and also catch up with friends and acquaintances.
Getting real hugs from real people was the highlight of my day.
We had a pop up shop where HIV organisations were able to drop in over the lunch period. Its amazing how much work is carried out by organisations like Glasgow HIV Carers (the longest running HIV charity in the Glasgow area) with next to zero ££ funding. I really applaud all their hard work and commitment.  Well done Jaqui and the team.
Other organisations included Waverley Care, LGBT Age, Gay Mens Health and Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland.
It was a great day surrounded by the positive energy of  long term and newly diagnosed everyday folk like you and I.
We are real people and we matter. Our health and well being matters. Our stress and coping mechanisms matter. Breathing matters…..
Always remember that you are important and give yourself “me time”.
Easter will be upon us soon and very soon after that we have UK- CAB 54
“The NHS HIV drug approval process”  on Friday 17 April 2015.
I am really looking forward to catching up with my UK-CAB family and welcoming new members to our group of real people.
Gran Canaria for Maspalomas Pride is my next stop for two weeks in May. I so cannot wait for that. The sleep countdown has been on-going for months ….. 54 ……… Yeee Haaaaaaa !!!!

Title: Re: Breathing matter's ...... take a breath and have me time ....
Post by: Mark Platt on March 11 2015, 05:48 pm
I may well see you there then, as I'll be heading over on Saturday 16 May for a week.