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Title: UNAIDS strategy for 2016-2021.
Post by: Julian Hows on March 24 2015, 11:48 am
 Just forwarding a messgae that people might find useful - especially in reminding UNAIDS that HIV is still an issue in the UK and Europe

UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibe is requesting help and input re the updating and extending of the  UNAIDS strategy for 2016-2021.
UNAIDS wants to hear from you
As a global community, we have set our sights on ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030. To reach this objective, the response must be urgently fast-tracked through a change agenda. By October 2015, we need an ambitious strategy to take this agenda forward—one that builds on Getting to Zero, the current UNAIDS strategy, and the remarkable progress achieved in the AIDS response. The new strategy needs to focus resources and accelerate rights-based, evidence-informed action where it is needed most.
This is the first of two UNAIDS-hosted virtual consultations on developing the UNAIDS strategy for 2016–2021. The virtual consultations aim to encourage wide-ranging participation, especially of people living with HIV, to ensure that together we deliver a people-centred strategy. The first consultation closes on 27 March 2015.
The three overarching topics listed below will guide the moderated discussion. We welcome all interested individuals to participate throughout the week and across the three discussion topics. A fourth discussion forum focuses on the participation and priorities of young people in the AIDS response. This forum is supported by the PACT—a network of youth organizations.
To get started, visit  ( and just click on one or more of the DISCUSS options to have your say.
If you prefer to submit confidentially, please send directly to
Translation is available on the website. Participants are welcome to submit responses in any language.