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Title: Documentary about Hepatitis C
Post by: Kate Brown on April 11 2015, 12:30 pm
Dear All,

I joined UK CAB recently on the recommendation of Dr Andrew Hill because I知 making a documentary about hepatitis c and I知 looking for fellow HCV+ people (I have Hep C myself) who would be willing to be in the documentary and share their experiences.

My focus is on the new treatment, its cost and accessibility, and the stigma and silence surrounding Hep C. I知 especially keen to make contact with people who are trying to get the new treatment but don稚 yet have access to it. At the moment filming is planned for the UK and India but I would very happy to make contact with people elsewhere too. I知 looking for good stories that will move people and make the general public more aware of what is going on. I知 the director and I'm based in Berlin and the producer, Mark Lonsdale of Leap Films, is based in London.

If you are interested, or would like to know more you can contact me here, or via private message or by email:

Many Thanks,
Kate Brown