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Title: Positive Persons' Manifesto 2015
Post by: Rik Hodgson on May 13 2015, 02:54 pm
HIV Scotland are proud to publish this years' Positive Persons' Manifesto.  The Manifesto brings together the voices of people living with HIV in Scotland to call for change across a variety of areas that directly affect their lives.  It was written following the Positive Persons’ Forum which took place in Glasgow in February 2015.  This is an event which bring people living with HIV in Scotland together to reflect on their experiences, express the challenges they face as a community and to propose potential solutions.

The Manifesto identifies 6 priority areas for change:
•   Education and Awareness
•   Involvement
•   Mental Health
•   Treatment, Care and Support
•   Disclosure
•   Living and ageing Well

The Manifesto expresses the need for a society better educated about HIV, where people living with HIV receive the right support and are involved in all decisions that affect them.

We hope that the Positive Persons’ Manifesto will be a catalyst for change: helping individuals, organisations, and policy-makers to understand and act on the needs and priorities of people living with HIV.

You can read the Manifesto here: (