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Title: Taking Part : HIV Activism Action Planning
Post by: Silvia Petretti on May 13 2015, 04:45 pm
Dear friends,

Next Taking Part meeting is Tuesday 26th of May.

Taking Part is a group of people living with HIV, supported by Positively UK, who are interested in activism and  want to  develop  skills and build opportunities to influence decision making, and attitudes towards HIV. We meet once a month and  have capacity building workshops, or focused discussions on key topics. The project is open to all  people living with HIV in London who want to get involved, or are already involved. Taking Part is a  peer led initiative: by people living with HIV for people living with HIV. (

Our  aims on the day are:

•   Creating an Action Plan for our advocacy goals, including specific tasks and a time line
•   Identifying skills we need to develop and  carry out our plans

At the last meeting we prioritized some areas  in our wider strategic aims:

Around the aim of “Ensuring that peer support is available in every UK health facility” we chose to focus on:

1)   Developing a national network of peer support
2)   Addressing the needs of people who live with multiple conditions (diabetes, HCV, mental health etc)
3)    Petition commissioners to ensure funding of peer support services

Our second  aim is an  ambitious positive statement to challenge stigma:  ‘Creating a world where people living with HIV have good health, respect, dignity and love’. Here we have prioritised the following areas:

1)   Lobbying to change the Sex and Relationship Education curriculum: to include issues around gender, homophobia, sexual rights and HIV
2)   Increasing the visibility and voice  of people living with HIV

So this is all very exciting! Please come and share your ideas and  energy to create an effective action plan which will be supported by a structured series of workshops aiming at  taking it forward and developing the skills we identify we need.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 26th May at Positively UK 345 City Road EC1V 1 LR from 5:30 to 8. Refreshments will be available.

If you would like to attend and book a place please email:

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about Taking Part or this event.

Silvia Petretti :heart:

Title: Re: Taking Part : HIV Activism Action Planning
Post by: Owen Blacker on May 13 2015, 09:11 pm
This whole group sounds really awesome Silvia — I've been keeping an eye on your posts about it, as I'm not quite up for coming along at the moment, but the sessions sound really useful and interesting.

Is there any kind of written output from the sessions? Does anyone write up notes or blog about it afterwards, for example?

Thanks — and I hope Taking Part continues being as successful as i thas been thusfar  :)


Title: Re: Taking Part : HIV Activism Action Planning
Post by: Kathleen Charters on May 14 2015, 03:19 pm

I am very sorry I wont be able to make the meeting on the 26th but would like to say I fully support the aims and objectives and if there is anything at all I can do regionally, let me know. Minutes would be good too!



Title: Re: Taking Part : HIV Activism Action Planning
Post by: Silvia Petretti on May 26 2015, 12:14 pm
Hi guys,

I take notes and try to share some of  the most important meeting outcomes on my blog: (

The meeting is really friendly and  mixed so everybody is really welcome to come.  Places for tonight are still available.

Thanks for your support Kathleen!


Silvia Petretti