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Title: Gay Men Wanted As Advisors On A Research Project "How To Stay HIV Negative"
Post by: Michael Harkin on June 11 2015, 11:50 am
Glasgow Caledonian University are hoping to recruit four ordinary gay men to join their project advisory group which will meet three times within the next few months.
No previous experience of working within the HIV field, gay men's health promotion or research is needed.
The overall project is based in Scotland and London and involves academics and community organisations working together in the area of gay men's sexual health.
The project will examine the evidence to identify the best possible interventions to enable gay men to stay HIV negative.
What is in it for you?
Help to develop HIV prevention interventions that work for gay men. You will meet with other people, develop skills and gain experience in running projects while working in a team.
What you can offer?
Your expertise as a gay man who has had a negative HIV test within the previous 12 months.
You will be asked to share your thoughts and insights and work to identify the best possible interventions that enable gay men to stay HIV negative. You will help identify things that work in the real world and help to think this through.
What can GCU offer?
You will be offered payment for your time and expertise and the chance to work with an exciting team. You will also be invited to attend an international conference and if you are interested, you will be supported to present at this.
Glasgow Caledonian University are particularly looking for -
Men who would not consider themselves to be experts on HIV.
Men who are not already volunteering or working on HIV projects.
Please contact Professor Paul Flowers
Telephone 0141 331 8617