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Title: STOPAIDS requires two trustees, deadline 23 October 2015
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See message and attachments below from STOPAIDS, please contact Siomha Cunniffe for any further queries/clairification.
We are looking for two individuals living with HIV to stand for election as a Trustee of STOPAIDS. It is very important to us that PLHIV are represented  on our Board, and we are looking for someone who has experience of public speaking and representing organisations at events and someone who would be comfortable acting as both Trustee and Ambassador for STOPAIDS.
STOPAIDS is the network of UK agencies working since 1986 to secure an effective global response to HIV and AIDS. With 80 members behind us, STOPAIDS raises a united voice to rally and maintain the UKís leadership in the global response to HIV. Together with people living with HIV, we fight for a global response that respects, protects and fulfils human rights. We give decision-makers the proof Ė and the push Ė they need to make the right, smart choices to help improve the lives of the millions of people around the world needing HIV treatment, prevention, care and support.
As Iím sure you are aware the role of Trustee is very important to the governance and leadership of any organisation. STOPAIDS is governed by the Board which is elected by members. The Board meets four times a year and is responsible for the strategic direction of STOPAIDS, in line with the organizationís mission, goals and values; monitors and reviews the organizationís performance; and provides effective oversight of the organisationís financial health. The day to day running and management of STOPAIDSí office and activities is the responsibility of the Secretariat, led by the Director.

The Board is made up of 10-12 individuals, the Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer are elected from among the Trustees. Trustees are elected for a period of two years, and can serve a maximum of two terms (four years). Please find further information  on the role of Trustees here:
Prior to the AGM voting forms are sent out to all members by email. This form will list all the people who are standing for election and their personal statement. This gives members who are unable to attend the AGM the opportunity to vote.
I have attached an expression of interest form, if you know of anyone interested in the role we are asking for forms to be returned by Friday 23rd October.
If you have any further questions please donít hesitate to contact me or Mike.
Best wishes,
Siomha Cunniffe <> +44 (0)2073244786
Operations and Development Manager