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Title: Positive Persons Forum 2016 - Scotland
Post by: William Irvine on January 19 2016, 08:46 am
Hello all,

Just a reminder to everyone in Scotland that the annual Positive Persons Forum is being held in Glasgow on the 13th February.

You can register at or

We all look forward to seeing you there.

William Irvine
Chairperson Positive Persons Forum 2016

Title: Re: Positive Persons Forum 2016 - Scotland
Post by: Alastair Hudson on February 15 2016, 11:11 am
Dear Willie et al,

Congratulations on to the advisory group and all at HIV Scotland for yet another Positive Persons' Forum on Saturday.  It has been wonderful to see how this annual event has gone from strength to strength in terms of diversity and scope.  Community mobilisation at its best...
Quote of the day for me "I'm 76 and as healthy as anyone else in this room.  I plan on living until I am 106, I won't die from HIV" Gaun Yersel hen!!! (woman living with HIV) #PPF2016

Yours as Aye,