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Title: Campaign to Inform by Video
Post by: Dano Wheals on February 15 2016, 06:40 pm
Hello Everyone.

I find films incredibly powerful, helpful, informative and easier than books to recommend.

So, if you could have you way and get healthcare staff, lawyers, drug company workers, people living with HIV, friends etc to watch a film...... what would you recommend? I will turn them into a list into an easy to read document with links to where to buy them and lets see who we can pass this onto. 

Why? I watched 'Fire in the Blood' at the weekend and wondered what would happen if more people saw it.  Also when recently diagnosed I went onto amazon and just bought some films as i needed to connect with what had just happened to me.
I got 'We Were There' , 'How to Survive a Plague'.

Interested to hear your thoughts.  Maybe it has been done already. Any info/ comments welcomed.  :heart:

Title: Re: Campaign to Inform by Video
Post by: Roy Trevelion on February 15 2016, 06:51 pm
Thanks Dano,
Have you watched Ruins by Zoe Mavroudi - very troubling, but it's a good documentary.
All the best,

Title: Re: Campaign to Inform by Video
Post by: UK CAB Moderator on February 16 2016, 11:07 am
Thank you Dano.
We have shown the two films - How to survive a plague and We were here at the previous residential trainings.  I agree, they are very powerful and demonstrate the power of the activists who fought for us to have the treatment we have now.  It is still sad that some people in the world still do not get this treatment.

Title: Re: Campaign to Inform by Video
Post by: David Galindo on February 16 2016, 01:40 pm
Hi Dano,

It was great meeting you at the weekend, it was a fabulous training. You had some amazing ideas and I cannot agree more in your proposition. I'll think about more but I agree with We Were Here, so honest and touching and inspiring, as some of the protagonists were diagnosed in the early days fo the epidemic.

My other movie is the Dalas Buyers Club, it portraits the wrongdoings of the Medical community in the early days when Medical trials were not properly established and HIV affected individuals were on AZT which was used in Quemiotherapy and very effective in treating cancer but was not suitable for daily use, which is what HIV patients need. This caused more deaths at the time which forced people to look for other alternatives to traditional medicine. This is one of the reasons most people are terrified when it comes to consider start treatment.

The Constant Gardener is on the same lines of Fire in the blood (economical benefit over saving lives) but a little bit more raw as it goes deeper in the control and monopoli of medicines Distribution and Research and how it is manipulated to benefit the few.

Please, share once the video list is completed.


Title: Re: Campaign to Inform by Video
Post by: Jane Shepherd on February 16 2016, 09:39 pm
At SURE (Positive Action service user group) we briefly had a collection of DVDs for service users to borrow. But they didn't get returned proof of popularity maybe? But agree that well made feature films and documentaries can offer an immediate way in to treatment access issues.

I've never watched United in Anger also about history of ACT UP