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Title: End HIV-related discrimination in schools
Post by: Sheonaidh Johnston on November 24 2008, 02:11 pm
This World AIDS Day NAT has launched a campaign to end HIV-related discrimination in schools. We have uncovered worrying cases from around the country of children being excluded or refused places at a school solely because they are HIV-positive. We've also heard from  HIV-positive teachers who have had their confidentiality broken and been discriminated against.

We want to see an end to this.  Schools often don't mean to discriminate, they just don't know what to do when someone discloses their, or their child's, HIV status to them. They may not realise that  having a child or teacher living with HIV at school poses no risk and that their actions are against the law. That's why we  are calling on the Government to ensure schools have the information they need about HIV and how to support HIV-positive children and staff, to make sure discrimination does not happen.
We are asking the Government to:

1. Provide schools with specific guidance on their responsibilities not to discriminate against people living with HIV under the Disability Discrimination Act 2005

2. Ensure schools are maintaining the confidentiality of HIV-positive pupils and staff members

3.  Provide comprehensive sex and relationship education in schools that includes the facts about HIV and teaches young people to be supportive and non-discriminatory of those living with HIV.

Add your voice to our campaign by signing our petition to the Prime Minister. Go to
Please forward this on to others and help us put an end to HIV prejudice.
Find out more about our campaigns:

Title: Re: End HIV-related discrimination in schools
Post by: Kingsley Oturu on November 24 2008, 04:27 pm
I think its terrible that people have to disclose their status to schools. It just helps in allowing them to be further discriminated against and ostracised.


Title: Re: End HIV-related discrimination in schools
Post by: Sheonaidh Johnston on November 24 2008, 05:49 pm
Hi. Just to clarify that people don't have to disclose their status to schools and many choose not to do so because of worries about discrimination. We don't think anyone should have to disclose their status, but we do want to ensure if they choose to do so they are met with support and not discrimination. It's appalling that schools are still refusing places to HIV-positive children in 2008. I thought that was a relic of the 80s!