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Title: NHS England's Disappointing Response on PrEP
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Press Release No: 01/2016

March 23, 2016

NHS England's Disappointing Response on PrEP

The African Eye Trust, Africa Advocacy Foundation and partners publicly express their disbelief and disappointment as plans for PrEP availability on the NHS have been buried. The entire HIV sector has been expecting the announcement of the first ever-public consultation on PrEP for HIV prevention in the UK, which was long overdue. Instead NHS England announced that there and will be no public consultation and plans have been abandoned.

The African Eye Trust calls upon NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens to open the consultations on PrEP.  We call upon all African HIV organisations, treatment advocates and the community as a whole to express their disappointment and ask for the consultation process not only be opened but extended to a wider representation of those who need it in the community.
African people are increasing disproportionately being affected by HIV and more than 2,000 African people are being diagnosed with HIV each year. Many of those infections can be avoided and that is an important tool in prevention.
There are increasing numbers of discordant couples within the African communities who will largely benefit from the availability of PrEP to live a normal family life.
As we struggle with stigma and discrimination and high cases of late diagnosis, this decision feels like another nail in the coffin of HIV prevention and our struggle to protect those who are most at risk of HIV infection today.
The African Eye Trust and Africa Advocacy Foundation like many other community stakeholders respectfully asks NHS England to provide answers as to why PrEP public consultation has been refused and demands that this unfair decision is reconsidered in the interest of many individuals at risk of HIV infection in the UK.

The African Eye Trust:
The African Eye Trust (TAET) aims to improve the quality of life, and to decrease the mortality and morbidity among the African community living with HIV and HCV. TAET works closely with local healthcare providers and community services to address poor health outcomes and inequalities among black and ethnic communities through the African Eye Trust Magazine, treatment advocacy, clinical trials education project, national treatment information project and a series of patient health forums across the capital.

Africa Advocacy Foundation:
Africa Advocacy Foundation (AAF) is a registered charity founded in 1996 promotes better health, education and other opportunities for disadvantaged people through practical support, advocacy, information, advice, guidance and training. AAF is a leading African HIV organisation in South London and currently delivers HIV awareness and prevention programmes, HIV testing and peer support services primarily targeting African communities including faith groups, African MSM and other high risk groups.

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