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Title: PrEP demonstration - 7th July
Post by: UK CAB Moderator on June 23 2016, 12:42 pm
Please share widely:
To all of those in the United4PrEP Coalition,

To those of you I have yet to meet, my name is Collette and I am a specialist HIV pharmacist at Chelsea and Westminster hospital. Like you all, I am filled with anger and disbelief at the current PrEP situation. Petitions have been signed, questions have been asked in the House of Commons and we eagerly await the outcome of the National AIDS Trust’s judicial review. Now is a crucial time to apply even more pressure and finally push for this to happen. This is the reason why I have teamed up with ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) and Alex Craddock (iwantprepnow) to organise an action to protest against the shameful decisions made by NHS England and the lack of responsibility taken by the Department of Health thus far. I believe there is enough uproar within our network as well as growing public outcry to positively influence future outcomes.

There will be a peaceful demonstration outside the Department of Health on 7th July (79 Whitehall, London – 18.30). This is a week before NAT’s court case with the aim of whipping up even more media attention, public support and demanding a statement is released from the Department of Health.

Please join the FB event for more details – search ‘stand up for prep’.

I request your support and invite this coalition to join forces, not just on paper but into action.

I also hope you can help me spread the word and provide comments to the media. For those who are going to Pride I will endeavour to meet as many of you as possible as I flyer my way through central London!

Thank you,


Title: Re: PrEP demonstration - 7th July
Post by: Collette Brydon on June 24 2016, 07:36 am
Many thanks for posting this. Please share far and wide and please attend on the 7th.
Feel free to message me on here or email me with any questions: