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Title: For action: PrEP demo on 7 July
Post by: UK CAB Moderator on July 4 2016, 12:06 pm
Please share widely. See you on Thursday.

Dear all
Im getting in touch to urge your active support for the demo being organised for next week (7th July) Stand Up For PrEP. 
Youll all be aware that the court case will take place the week after and the focus of this demo on the Department for Health, which needs to step in and sort this out, is exactly right. Weve all been furious that this has been allowed to happen, and weve discussed a demonstration for some time. Its brilliant that Act Up have taken the initiative to get something off the ground and I think its important that we build on the momentum of Pride to show how much the community is invested in this issue by ensuring that we are there in numbers.
Act Up are aware that for many of us, their traditional campaigning (!) might be too difficult for our organisations to formally support, but I am assured that this will be a peaceful protest, and that the police have been alerted in line with good practice.
NAT staff will be supporting it, and essentially what I am saying is: get your t-shirts out, resurrect your Unted4PreP Pride banners, get your staff, volunteers and supporters, and get yourselves down to the Department of Health (79 Whitehall) on 7th July at 18.30.
But before that please help promote however you can, and to help with numbers, if you are on Facebook, please search 'stand up for prep' and accept the invite for the rally on the event page.
See you all there!
Have a great weekend,

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