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Title: Peer Mentor Training through Project 100
Post by: Garry Brough on January 31 2017, 02:41 pm
Hi All

As you will hopefully all have heard by now, Positively UK are delivering accredited peer mentor training to people living with HIV in the UK as part of a national project - Project 100 - (

We are partnering with any voluntary sector organisation and clinic across the country that is interested in providing access to peer support, so are able to provide access to training in a variety of local areas throughout the year, as well as monthly training in London.

Check out the link above for information about the programme and how it works, but in relation to what you can gain from being involved, the training will provide you with skills to better support peers locally in relation to living well with HIV. The core training enhances communication and support skills and there are add-on trainings (including a HIV Treatment Literacy Qualification and Group Facilitation Skills Training) to support your development. As it says on the webpage:

By joining Project 100 as a peer mentor you will:

Develop your skills and build your confidence
Gain a Level Two Open College Network qualification in peer mentoring
Enhance your CV and increase employment opportunities
Be part of an inspiring and supportive team
Be part of a national network of peer mentors
Develop and share your knowledge of HIV

In return we ask for your passion, your commitment and a shared desire with us to support people living with HIV to fulfil their potential, free from stigma and discrimination, so that they might lead full and healthy lives.

You can click on the link at the bottom of the webpage to fill in an application form, or else use this link: (

I hope to see many of you on the training course over the next year or two.

All the best

Garry Brough
Project 100 Coordinator