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Title: News from Edwin J Bernard
Post by: Edwin J Bernard on February 23 2009, 03:59 pm
After more than five years and 50 issues as editor, I have now left NAM's flagship newsletter, HIV Treatment Update, in order to focus on my work as a freelance consultant. 

I will continue to write about HIV treatment and care since I have now taken up a consultant position as treatments editor of the UK's sexual health magazine, Positive Nation, replacing Gus Cairns, who, in turn, replaced me as editor of HTU. 

In addition, I remain a contributing editor to NAM's daily news website,, reporting on all aspects of HIV, and will continue to work with NAM on specific projects, such as the book, Criminal HIV Transmission.

I also work as a consultant for NAT (National AIDS Trust) and GNP+ (the Global Network of People Living with HIV), and I continue to write extensively about HIV, human rights and the criminal law, including keeping a blog ( that reports and comments on laws, prosecutions and media reporting of cases around the world.

My NAM email ( will cease to operate at the end of this month, so please note my new email address:

For more information, please visit my website,

Edwin J Bernard