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Title: Sarah Wollaston MP (Cons) to Mr Hunt: "Delay introducing the contract for ACOs"
Post by: Roy Trevelion on January 20 2018, 03:58 pm
Hi All,

Some of you will have read my post on Jan 7 about the undemocratic introduction of the US-style ACOs. These are not new and they don't work. They cost more - rather than saving money. They differ radically from the NHS by denying care.

Please see (
and another ACO called the Alzira model (

However, Sarah Wollaston has now written to Jeremy Hunt asking him to delay introducing the ACO contract. There seems to be no barrier to private healthcare organisations bidding for - and winning - this contract. Disastrously, it can replace the NHS in England with networks of de-skilled hospitals and clinics.

Here is Sarah Wollaston's letter:

Health Committee
House of Commons London SW1A 0AA

From Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chair
Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt, MP
Secretary of State for Health & Social Care

Dear Jeremy,

18 January 2018

I am writing to request that you delay the introduction of the new contract for Accountable Care Organisations until after the Health Committee has taken the opportunity to hear evidence on the issues around the introduction of accountable care models to the NHS.

As I am sure you are aware, a great deal of concern has been expressed about the development of ACOs in the NHS. I expect the Committee to consider these concerns, and the responses to them, in the course of its inquiry into Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships, announced last autumn. We will be hearing oral evidence in February and March, with a view to reporting after Easter.

The Committee’s inquiry will provide an opportunity to hear both sides of the arguments around the development of accountable care models, which I consider have not been well aired publicly up until now. It will enable public concerns to be heard, and the Government and the NHS to consider what steps need to be taken to allay those concerns if this policy is to be pursued.

I look forward to hearing the evidence, and to the Committee playing a helpful role in enabling a balanced debate. I hope that you will agree that delaying the introduction of the planned contract changes until we have done so would be a sensible step in ensuring that public confidence is maintained in developments in the NHS and that concerns can be addressed.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Sarah Wollaston MP Chair of the Committee

All the best,