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Title: Save our sexual health services
Post by: Alex Sparrowhawk on January 23 2018, 04:51 pm
At the UK-CAB meeting on Friday I mentioned a petition and survey relating to the damaging cuts to the public health budget which are impacting sexual health clinics.

BASHH, BHIVA, NAT, THT and other organisations are working together to raise concerns about the continued cuts to sexual health services in England.

Add your voice to this petition calling on the Government to reverse these damaging cuts and save our sexual health services (

In addition, THT is working with NAT to collect more information on the issues that individuals across the whole of the UK are facing in regards to accessing sexual health services.

Share your concerns in this survey (

If you user Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr you can also support the campaign with the #sexualhealthSOS Thunderclap:

Support BASHH with their Thunderclap before 1 February (

Title: Re: Save our sexual health services
Post by: Roy Trevelion on January 23 2018, 05:24 pm
Many thanks for this Alex,

Great, let's get more people to sign the petition! And also out on the streets:
NHS Emergency Demonstration: NHS IN CRISIS - FIX IT NOW

All the best,