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Title: Stephen Hawking takes Hunt & NHSE to court on back-door privatisation of NHS
Post by: Roy Trevelion on January 30 2018, 10:06 am
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Crowd Justice announce delight that the court has granted permission for the judicial review to proceed to a full hearing "as soon as possible" after 14 March 2018.

The Independent says:

"Professor Stephen Hawking has won permission to take Jeremy Hunt and NHS England to court over controversial proposals to restructure the health service.

"Mr Hunt has tabled a plan which could allow commercial companies to run health and social services across a whole region in what critics have described as allowing back-door privatisation.

"Leading healthcare professionals and Professor Hawking have argued an act of parliament is required, allowing MPs and Lords to scrutinise the proposals, before the policy is implemented and any changes to regulations are made."

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