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Title: Looking for Black African men to participate in research - please share widely
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Dear all,

Dr Larissa Mulka from Brighton and Sussex is looking for black African men to take part in a research project.  She has now interviewed a group of black African women in Brighton.

She will arrange to have the interviews at UCL in London.
Please share with your service users and networks.

Details of the research and Dr Larissa Mulka's contact are in the attached poster and email below:

Thanks, Memory
Should we use HIV genetic code to help diagnose the undiagnosed?

Your views needed

Are you a black African man or woman living with HIV?
Would you be willing to participate in one-on-one interview  or a group discussion?
Interviews and separate group discussions for men and women will be held. We will try and arrange a time and location convenient for you.

No prior knowledge or experience is required

A £20 ‘thank you’ is offered to everyone who takes part*

Your contributions in the focus group discussion will be recorded but kept anonymous. You will need to give your name and  contact details for you to take part.

To reserve a place or for more information please contact
Dr Larissa Mulka at Brighton & Sussex Medical School: 01273 642185 or email:

*This type of payment will not interfere with any benefit payments if you have not been involved in research with Brighton & Sussex Medical School in the past financial year

This is a research project from Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, funded by a BHIVA research award.  Principal Investigator Dr Larissa Mulka.