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Title: The European African HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis C Community Summit
Post by: Elijah Amooti on May 15 2018, 04:51 pm
Dear Colleagues,

This is to inform you that The European African HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis C Community Summit is scheduled to take place from 21st to 22nd July 2018 in Amsterdam. The summit which will be held in conjunction with the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam aims at developing the skills of experts who work with immigrant communities to raise awareness and provide adequate support to the communities


As a partner in the fight against HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis C with and devastating effects to the vulnerable communities, EATAN will support some actors who work closely with immigrant communities within Europe to participate in the summit.


This therefore is to inform you that EATAN is offering scholarships for professionals who wish to participate in the upcoming European African  HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis C Community Summit.  The Summit Scholarships will be awarded to Patient advocates, clinicians, and other activists working with migrant communities across Europe.

The Scholarship for eligible participants will cover travel and other conference expenses including registration, accommodation and feeding during the summit.

Persons who wish to attend the European African HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis C Community Summit in Amsterdam and qualify for the scholarships according to the criteria above are encouraged to apply now using the link below:


Application deadline is: 30 /May /2018



Kindly share this message with other actors who might be interested.


Thank you


Marian Said

For the Organising Committee
  Dr. Iris Shiripinda -  Netherlands

  M/S Vivian Namuli -  Sweden

  Mr. Katumba Mugenyi Patrick - Netherlands

  Dr. Christopher Wood - United Kingdom

  Malaika Oringo - Netherlands

  Rev Jide Macaulay - United Kingdom

  Mr. Dynka Amorim - Portugal

  Mr. Badru Male Sebatindira  - United Kingdom

  M/S Christine Kabukoma - Rome - Italy

  Mr. David Musendo  - Scotland

  Maryan Ahmad Said              -     Norway