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Title: BHIVA Spring Conference 2019
Post by: Paul Clift on August 16 2018, 08:51 am
Dear All
BHIVA Conferences Sub-committee are beginning the process of suggesting and choosing topics for next year's BHIVA Spring Conference (April 2019).

If you would like me, as a Community Rep on Conferences Sub-committee, to put some suggestions forward from Community please post your suggestion in reply by end of play on Friday 24th August. Please make sure that your suggestion comes under one of the following categories, and please state clearly which category you are referring to:

The Category headings being used are:

Prevention and Transmission
Complications of Disease or Treatment
Access to Care, Service Provision, Epidemiology and Social Sciences
Treatment Strategies
Pathogenesis, Virology and Immunology
Professional Development

Thank you

Title: Re: BHIVA Spring Conference 2019
Post by: Diana Onyango on August 16 2018, 11:40 am
I would like to suggest a topic which falls under Complications of Disease or Treatment:  The impact of HIV and Treatment on HEU and UU children-what is known and what can be done to follow up these families or children here in UK by the medical profession or researchers. What information is there that can be used in supporting people living with HIV in this regard.

Title: Re: BHIVA Spring Conference 2019
Post by: Alex Sparrowhawk on August 24 2018, 10:10 am
Suggestion from myself and HPE team at THT under Prevention and Transmission:

Success/impact of behaviour change interventions (in an era where online platforms to access key communities, increases in PrEP use, confidence in U=U messages, and increases in self-testing have changed our approaches).