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Title: Positive Affirmation Day 2nd December 2018
Post by: Mel Rattue on November 18 2018, 10:59 pm
Two weeks until Positive Affirmation Day, are you ready? 

This event is now in its 4th year, please join and share to celebrate all that we are and can be by affirming I am.
Originally the day was to redefine the acronym HIV to show that people living with HIV are much more than a status. We can be
H appy
I ntelligent
V oluptuous

As the event has grown and the numbers participating has increased (over 1000 last year) this year the invitation is to share any affirmation in any language, by writing  #Iam ... followed by a statement that uplifts and unites, and using the hashtags #PositiveAffirmationDay #PAD2018 #PADHIV

You can also share an image using the positive affirmation frames available, or by uploading your photo to the website. If you are feeling creative you can even make your own. 

Everyone is welcome, friends, family, allies, supporters so please share with your networks and on social media, twitter, Instagram and facebook, lets connect and celebrate.

Email if you would like further information, or even join one of the workshops to support your awareness and creativity.