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Title: New Chair of UK CAB
Post by: Garry Brough on January 23 2019, 02:09 pm
Dear UK CAB Members

Having served as Chair of the UK CAB for the last two years, increased work commitments have meant that I have decided to step down rather than re-apply for a second term as Chair. This decision has been made easier by having a great Steering Group in place, who work easily and effectively together.

I am pleased to announce that at last week's Steering Group meeting, Alex Sparrowhawk was unanimously voted in as new Chair. I am sure that you will join me in welcoming Alex to the role and wishing him every success in taking the work of the UK CAB forwards over the next two years. 

Alex will take on his first meeting as Chair at our April meeting in Bournemouth, following the BHIVA Spring Conference (registration will be open shortly), our second annual meeting outside of London, following on from Edinburgh last year.

I am pleased that we were finally able to launch our regional UK CAB meetings during my term as Chair and that membership also grew significantly during that period, with Project 100-trained peer mentors from across the UK engaging with our work. 

The UK CAB has provided amazing opportunities for me to learn and grow as an advocate and I look forward to continuing as an active member. I would encourage all of you who are committed to providing information, advocacy and support to others living with HIV to engage more fully with the opportunities to represent our views and experiences via BHIVA and other committees, to attend our quarterly meetings and to tell others about our work. We are in a critical time in relation to the HIV response and with a number of UK cities signing up to the Fast Track Cities Initiative, having knowledgeable and engaged advocates will be key to making our voices heard and achieving the goals of getting to zero. 

I look forward to seeing some of you at BHIVA and our meeting in April.

Thank you for your involvement and keep up the good work!

Very best wishes

Garry Brough

Title: Re: New Chair of UK CAB
Post by: Simon Hovart-Marcovic on January 23 2019, 02:24 pm
I would like to welcome Alex Sparrowhawk as our Chair. I am sure we will all be there to support him in his new role. As for Garry Brough, I would like to thank him for all of his hard work, especially in his role of Chair. He has been a wonderful ambassador for all of us who live with HIV +. And I am certain that he won't be resting on his laurels. There is so much still to do, so Garry won't be able to get away that easily.

Kind Regards

Simon Horvat-Marcovic