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Title: Second person cured of HIV (more correctly, in remission)
Post by: Paul Clift on March 5 2019, 07:32 am
Dear All

I expect you've seen news stories emerging from CROI (apparently via an embargo leak) that a second person has been effectively cured of their HIV infection. This person is known as the 'London Patient'. Treatment Action Group (TAG) have issued a really informative statement pointing out that a 'key caution is that HIV could yet rebound, and hence the researchers are appropriately using the term remission, rather than claiming a cure has been achieved. Another important point of emphasis is that, as with Brown, the case involved the risky procedure of stem cell transplantation, which was required for a life-threatening cancer diagnosis (refractory Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) – this is not a treatment appropriate for people with HIV who do not have cancer. The hope is that lessons can be learned to help develop more widely applicable therapeutic approaches for attaining HIV remissions or cures.'

Their full statement is here: (

Title: Re: Second person cured of HIV (more correctly, in remission)
Post by: Ben Cromarty on March 5 2019, 09:47 am
hi, Paul...

...thanks for this. It was all over the BBC news this morning...on today (radio 4) at 08:25...and on the BBC News website:

This was actually quite a good report...clear and (I think) accurate:

The London patient, who was being treated for cancer, has now been in remission from HIV for 18 months and is no longer taking HIV drugs.
The researchers say it's too early to say the patient is "cured" of HIV.
Experts say the approach is not practical for treating most people with HIV but may one day help find a cure.

...and a using closing comment:

Dr Andrew Freedman, reader in infectious diseases and honorary consultant physician at Cardiff University, said it was an "interesting and potentially significant report".
But he said much longer follow-up would be needed to ensure the virus did not re-emerge at a later stage.
"While this type of treatment is clearly not practical to treat the millions of people around the world living with HIV, reports such as these may help in the ultimate development of a cure for HIV."
In the meantime, he said the focus needed to be on diagnosing HIV promptly and starting patients on lifelong combination antiretroviral therapy (cART).
This can prevent the virus being transmitted to others and give people with HIV a near-normal life expectancy.

Title: Re: Second person cured of HIV (more correctly, in remission)
Post by: Fabiola Bayavuge on March 5 2019, 12:34 pm
This is another milestone achieved after U=U.
Will it be possible to invite somebody from the researcher team to the future meetings? This way we can ask some of the questions in-depth.
Thank you