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Title: National HIV Nurses Association
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NHIVNA/Boehringer Ingelheim Research Grant, Science and Travel Scholarship

NHIVNA Research Grant, Science and Travel Scholarship:


Aims and objectives

The National HIV Nurses Association (NHIVNA) is committed to promoting research, education and support for nurses working within HIV/sexual health. Through sponsorship from Boehringer Ingelheim, NHIVNA has secured funding to enable NHIVNA members to undertake original research, further their education and clinical practice through a travel scholarship, and to encourage and support nurses to present at national and international meetings.

Areas of support

    * Research Grants: These will be awarded for NHIVNA members to undertake a piece of original research related to an HIV nursing issue.
    * Science Scholarships: For an abstract accepted for presentation (oral or poster) at a national or conference. Either registration, travel or accommodation will be paid for by the scholarship fund.
    * Travel Scholarships: Applications are invited from NHIVNA members who are working in the field of HIV/sexual health, wishing to expand their knowledge and share experiences with other centres providing care for clients within the HIV/GUM setting. The project may be carried out in the UK, overseas or a combination of both.

Criteria for applying

    * Candidates must be current members of NHIVNA.
    * A Nurse or Nurse Lecturer with an element of HIV nursing or education in their project or reason for application.
    * Where appropriate, demonstrate other sources of funding.
    * Candidates must be willing to submit a report to NHIVNA and Boehringer Ingelheim within 4 months of completion
      of project.
    * Candidates will present their completed work at the annual NHIVNA conference.
    * Candidates must present a feedback session at their place of work or local vicinity to disseminate information to other nurses.
    * Candidates must write an article for HIV Nursing journal (Research Grants and Science Scholarships) or the NHIVNA Newsletter (Travel Scholarships), within 4 months of completion of project.

All applicants will be asked to complete application forms. Forms and additional information can be obtained from the NHIVNA Secretariat. In addition to these scholarships, a nurse-led initiative that has made an impact on patient care, which is presented at a NHIVNA Annual Conference, will also be eligible for an award.

Download Application Pack as a PDF File [620 Kb]