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Title: Pre exposure prophylaxis study
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Please help circulate the advert below: 
The study is for HIV NEGATIVE people only and the idea of putting it on the forum is that you may just know someone who could fit the bill.
Anyone interested please contact the clinic directly.

Thank you, Memory

Harrison Wing Research Unit, St. Thomas’ Hospital is working on a new drug that could help to block infection with HIV

It is important to test this new drug on a balanced mix of the population before the study moves into the countries most affected by HIV/AIDS. We’re looking for volunteers from all walks of life but particularly people from the black community and women.

This trial is to understand how long the drug remains in your body. To join you must:

•   be between 18 and 50 years of age and healthy
•   be able to visit the centre 18 times over about 7 months
•   HIV negative

You will be paid only to cover the costs of your travel time and inconvenience
Approval for this trial has been given by Oxford Research Ethics Committee

Replying to this advert does not mean that you must join the trial

There is no increased chance of catching HIV from this trial
Even when in a trial you should always practice safe sex

For more information:
Call the Harrison Wing Research Team on 020 7188 2608/9/10 or email