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Title: Unlinked Anonymous Surveys Steering Group (UASSG)
Post by: kevinkelleher on May 6 2010, 04:00 pm
As the Unlinked Anonymous Prevalence Monitoring Programme is well-established and stable, the UASSG has not met since 2004. However, the Health Protection Agency, which provides the secretariat to the Group, keeps the need for the Group to reconvene under review in conjunction with the Department of Health.

Terms of reference

To steer the unlinked anonymous (UA) prevalence monitoring programme, specifically to:-

    * advise on the programme, its performance and the value for money of the surveys for HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C and prospective national surveys for other infectious diseases as agreed by Ministers
    * review the programme on an ongoing and structured basis to ensure that the surveys continue to meet ministerial priorities and results are used to inform public health issues
    * oversee the use of the UA archive, with delegated authority from Ministers to approve requests for retrospective testing of archived samples collected as part of the UA programme (in England and Wales) for other infectious diseases of public health importance
    * review and make recommendations on proposals related to development of the programme of UA serosurveillance for blood-borne viruses in England, and Wales, including identifying priorities for use of development monies
    * provide commentary on the annual report summarising the key results of the programme before publication
    * provide any other advice on issues relating to the unlinked anonymous survey programme referred to the Group by the Programme Manager or Secretariat.