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PREVENTING HIV: NAMís new HIV prevention resource

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Gus Cairns
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PREVENTING HIV: NAMís new HIV prevention resource
Posted on: July 7 2011, 05:58 pm

[Apologies in advance for cross-postings: if you have received this elsewhere it means youíre important....]
PREVENTING HIV: NAMís new HIV prevention resource

Dear colleagues,

NAM has just launched its new, comprehensive and free Preventing HIV resource on

See : short URL:

Preventing HIV is a wide-ranging and thoroughly researched compendium of the history and development of every method of preventing HIV via sexual transmission.

NAM was the first community HIV treatment organisation to publish a resource specifically devoted to HIV prevention when the first edition of Preventing HIV came out as a printed directory in 2006. This, the third edition, appears as a newly-structured and formatted searchable section of the Aidsmap website.

Calls for evidence-based HIV prevention have been growing in recent years. Since the last edition of Preventing HIV in 2008 we have seen exciting developments in PrEP, microbicides, treatment as prevention and vaccines that have transformed our sense of what is effective and possible in HIV prevention programming. There is also increasing pressure from funders for prevention programmes to show they are informed by the latest thinking and use the evidence to develop effective approaches.

This applies as much to new findings in traditional prevention fields such as risk behaviour change and partner reduction as it does to the newer biomedical approaches. We are recognising that HIV prevention, like HIV treatment, works best if delivered as a combination of approaches that both support and empower the individual to reduce their risk and also directly block the acquisition and transmission of HIV. Preventing HIV looks at evidence for the efficacy of everything from abstinence programmes via condoms to treatment as prevention and vaccines.

Preventing HIV summarises key evidence on HIV prevention in an accessible way. The online hub reviews existing approaches and looks at technologies and innovations still being investigated such as microbicides and pre-exposure prophylaxis and others undergoing expansion and rollout such as male circumcision and female condoms. It has been updated to reflect the latest information on HIV treatment as prevention and the outcomes studies such as HPTN052, iPrEx and FEM-PrEP. Users of the resource can be confident that they are keeping up with the latest developments and discussions in a rapidly changing field.

This resource is free, and we want to let as many people know about it as possible.

It would be wonderful if you could help us promote this resource widely, by emailing this link via your networks. You might even tweet about it or put it on your facebook page. (Suggested tweet: Preventing HIV: #NAM/aidsmapís new online hub, summarising key evidence on HIV prevention

If you have any feedback or comments about this online hub, do get in touch, we are keen to hear from you and we are committed to updating and developing this resource so that it is a useful tool for all those working in HIV prevention.

You might also be interested in our news stream, dedicated to reporting research and developments in HIV prevention: as well as hosting NAM/aidsmapís own news coverage, we also aggregate news on this topic from credible sources around the world.

Best wishes,



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