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IUATLD Europe Region Conference, London

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Elias Phiri
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IUATLD Europe Region Conference, London
Posted on: April 5 2012, 10:04 am

Just remember that if you want to come to the conference, go to register through their website

Symposium arranged by the TB Europe Coalition of TB advocates
IUATLD Europe Region Conference, London.
14.00 – 17.00 on 5th July 2012

The Contribution of Civil Society Organisations to Advocacy and to TB Care and Control in the European Region

This programme has been prepared by members of the TB Europe Coalition of TB advocates.

•   To showcase the contribution of civil society organisations to TB care across the Region.
•   To help clinicians and programme managers appreciate what added value civil society organisations can bring to TB care.
•   To demonstrate similarities of action across high and low burden countries.
•   To generate sharing and interaction between CSO delegates at the conference.

Target Audience:  All IUATLD Regional Conference participants. They will be preponderantly researchers, clinicians (doctors and nurses) and national programme organisers. Civil society people will be present but a minority.

Session 1   14.00 – 15.30
Examples of what is happening across our Region

1.   The Patient Voice in both Low and High Burden Countries:
-   Low Burden: TB Action Group (T-BAG) in England: increasing the voice and influence of people affected by TB
      Speaker: Natalie Winter, TB Action Group (T-BAG), United Kingdom
-   High Burden: Estonian Network of PLWHIV   Speaker: Anastassia Peterson, TUBIDU Officer, Estonian Network of People Living with HIV

2.   Explore the similarities and differences of CSO action in high and low burden countries in the Region:
-   Low Burden: Engaging affected communities through TB Alert’s “The Truth About TB” programme
      Speaker: Elias Phiri, Head of Awareness and UK Team, TB Alert
-   High burden: Angel Foundation in Romania
Speaker: Cristina Enache, Area Manager, Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation
3.   Open discussion. Encouraging participants to share own experiences.

Session 2    15.45 – 17.00
Advocacy and Infrastructure: Building up a TB Movement

4.   Ongoing TB Advocacy:

-   Monitoring progress toward the targets of the 2007 Berlin Ministerial Declaration; Promoting implementation of the WHO Regional MDR Action Plan (With brief introduction to TBEC).   
Speaker: Charlotte Goyon, Coordinator, TB Europe Coalition of TB advocates

-   TB and EU Research Framework 8 (2013-20)    Speaker: Joris Vandeputte,  Senior Vice President, Advocacy and Resource Mobilisation, TB Vaccine Initiative

5.   Building CSO action:
-   KNCV Curriculum for Strengthening Civil Society      Speaker: Marleen Heus, Consultant, Human Resources for Health, KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation.
-   Lessons from Experience of Monitoring ACSM across the Region
Interactive session   Facilitator: Nonna Turusbekova, TB Consult, Netherlands

6.   Closure:
 Final discussion of lessons and possible practical actions arising from the session.
The Chairs
-   Paul Sommerfeld
Committee Member TB Europe Coalition and Chair, TB Alert, UK

-Wim Vandevelde
Committee Member TB Europe Coalition; Stop TB Partnership New Drugs Working Group; and Chair, European Community Advisory Board for HIV


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