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Updates from All-Trials

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Mark Platt
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Updates from All-Trials
Posted on: August 31 2014, 07:12 pm

Further to the presentation at our spring meeting, here's the lastest update from the All-Trials group.


Dear friends

Watch and share our 3 short new videos that show why we urgently need all clinical trials registered and results reported.

Withholding results costs lives ( - The results of a 1980s clinical trial on heart drug Lorcainide were never published. Doctors didnít know that more people died in the trial who were given Lorcainide than who were taking the placebo. It has been estimated that over 100,000 people died avoidably because they were prescribed drugs in the same class.

Doctors are being misled ( - Dr Ben Goldacre prescribed the antidepressant Reboxetine for a patient but says he was ďmisled.Ē Results from trials which showed it was worse than other drugs were withheld, while the smaller number of trials which showed it worked better were published.

Medicine is broken ( - The UK Government has spent £424 million stockpiling Tamiflu, an anti-flu treatment, but we still donít know if this treatment works any better than placebo. Regulators werenít given information from all the clinical trials done on Tamiflu. The manufacturers of Tamiflu didnít break any laws by withholding the information.

Please share these on Facebook,Twitter (#AllTrials) and with everyone you know.

Best wishes


PS If you can help to subtitle these videos into other languages, please let me know or visit our page on
Ian Bushfield
Campaigns Support Officer
Sense About Science

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