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Opportunity to participate in 'Future of Healthcare Conference' - 21 November

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Mark Platt
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Opportunity to participate in 'Future of Healthcare Conference' - 21 November
Posted on: October 7 2014, 03:13 pm

Future of Health is a one day conference on the 21st November, 2014 at Kensington Olympia in London, run by NHS England, UCLPartners and Dods.

Last year’s conference - focusing on improving care for patients living with long-term conditions - was a great success with a footfall of over 1000 participants, significant press coverage, and a British Media Award for best event.

Most notably it started a conversation on what was important to people with long-term conditions, led significantly by the People’s Panel, who eloquently told their stories and what they wanted from the health and care systems.
This gave the conference a feel unlike any other.

This year we want to further involve people with experience of living with long-term conditions - whether patients or carers - to an even greater extent.

You can read more about the process so far here ( In consultation with members of the 2013 People’s Panel and other stakeholders, we have developed a variety of new roles in addition to a new Panel, including: speakers, chairs, mentors, and citizen journalists.

You can read more about these roles, alongside the support we’ll provide, on the attached document and if you like what you see we would love to have you involved!

We welcome expressions of interest from any patients or carers interested in helping to partner with us to deliver a truly patient-focused conference.

To register your interest:
•   Read the attached document ‘FOH Roles’. Select a role that interests you. Write a small statement expressing your interest in that role and why you would be a good fit (approx. 250 words)
•   Complete the form ‘FOH Details and Interests’
•   Email Jessica Weller on with your information entered on the FOH Details and Interests Form and your statement by midnight on Sunday 19th October, 2014

If you need further information please contact Jessica Weller on or on 01138250578.

“As a patient, having attended many medical conferences over the years, patients are often more noticeable by their absence than by their presence. Not so last year’s FOH event! As patients, not only were we given a chance to present, but as a panel of 14 people with varied LTC’s, we got a chance to give regular real time feedback throughout. Now that’s what patient involvement should feel like for all! This year, the FOH would like to reach out to even more patients to take this level of involvement to the next level. Get in touch if as a patient you want to speak, present, mentor, chair or participate as a commentator. Feel what it is like to be involved in a medical conference like no other.” – a member of the People’s Panel 2013

“Being involved in Future of Health 2013 was the biggest privilege, and it was a really important first step for NHS England to take in involving patients and carers in events. I felt it was essential that all our hard work had a legacy for the following year, and the learning was put into practice this year! So, I’ve stayed involved, to make sure that happened and this year is even better, and far easier for those involved!” – a member of the People’s Panel 2013

We really look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Jessica Weller
Support Officer & People’s Panel Co-Ordinator
Future of Health Conference - Friday 21st November, 2014

On behalf of:

Dods - Brett Alderton, Stuart King
Future of Health 2013 People’s Panel – Anya de Iongh, Jonathon Hope
National Voices - Don Redding
NHS England – Olivia Butterworth, Lucy Ellis
Richmond Group - Charlotte Augst, Carol Gibbons, David Jones
Think Local Act Personal - Jaimee Lewis
UCLPartners - Fiona McKenzie, Rachel Penniston

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