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Forwarded from the Peoples NHS

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Forwarded from the Peoples NHS
Posted on: November 6 2014, 08:18 pm

I received this from the Peoples NHS and thought It might be of interest to some.
Our public health is under threat. The EU is negotiating a deal with the US that will let companies sue our government for passing laws that protect our health. [1] The deal is called ‘TTIP’, but you might not have heard about it. It’s being negotiated in secret.

Please sign the Europe-wide petition today, and make sure this trade deal is brought out into the open and debated properly.

This petition is called  a "European Citizens' Initiative". That means if we can get a million Europeans to sign it, we can force the EU parliament to debate this deal. It's already happened with ‘right to water’ legislation so it can happen with TTIP too. [2] And we're close to our target already. In fact, if everyone who reads this email signs the petition, we’ll have forced this debate out in the open.

Under TTIP, governments would find it harder to protect our health. Australia introduced plain cigarette packaging to stop children picking up the habit. But tobaccco giant Phillip Morris successfully sued the Australian government, using a clause in its trade deal with Hong Kong. [3] The clause is called ISDS - or Investor State Dispute Settlement, and it means that companies have to right to take governments to court in a secret trial.

There's an ISDS clause in TTIP too. In fact, TTIP is so secretive and the consequences so potentially far-reaching, that today the Guardian labelled it 'a gunpowder plot against democracy'. [4] Public health policy shouldn't be made behind closed doors at the behest of big companies. This deal has to come out in the open. Making sure this petition tops one million signatures is the best way to make that happen.

But we have to act now. Another round of negotiations is scheduled to happen next month. We have to make sure we can get a debate before much more progress is made.

Thanks for everything you do,

Andrew and the People’s NHS team

[1] The British Medical Journal,
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Kind Regards,


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