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Uganda to host AIDS vaccine centre

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Uganda to host AIDS vaccine centre
Posted on: December 15 2009, 01:05 pm

Hi  All
By Raymond Baguma,
Irene Nabusoba
and Gladys Kalibbala

UGANDA has been chosen as the headquarters of the body that will coordinate AIDS vaccine research in Africa. The programme was formerly hosted in Geneva under the World Health Organisation and UNAIDS.

The headquarters of the African AIDS Vaccine Programme (AAVP) will be hosted by the Uganda Virus Research Institute in Entebbe.

The announcement was made during a press conference yesterday on the sidelines of the ongoing 5th AAVP conference at Serena Hotel in Kampala. About 250 experts, including scientists, researchers, donors, government and regional organisations involved in HIV vaccine research, are attending the conference.

“As two-thirds of the global AIDS epidemic is situated in Africa, we welcome the transition of the AAVP to Africa,” health minister Dr. Stephen Mallinga said.

“Uganda is honoured to have been chosen to host this programme. With so many lives at stake, we take our responsibility seriously and pledge to work tirelessly towards the day when a safe effective HIV vaccine will be available to protect Africans from this devastating illness.”

Dr. Alash’le Abimiku, the co-chair of the AAVP steering committee, said. Uganda’s selection followed a rigorous exercise in which seven other African countries participated. South Africa and Botswana were high contenders.

Uganda’s success was hinged on its past record of political support, excellent performance in HIV/AIDS prevalence control efforts and its record of good networking within Africa, Dr. Abimiku said.

The AAVP secretariat has been based in Geneva since 2000 but will move to the Uganda Virus Research Institute early next year, he said.

The ongoing conference is discussing the development of a vaccine for the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Uganda was chosen to host the gathering due to the fact that it pioneered HIV-vaccine related research and clinical trials in Africa.

Dr Saladin Osmanov, the WHO-UNAIDS HIV Vaccine Initiative coordinator, said participants will update the status of research, strengthen and support the involvement of African communities and scientists in developing an HIV vac
Paul Clift
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Re: Uganda to host AIDS vaccine centre
Reply #1 on: January 5 2010, 10:51 am

...although there have been some suggestions 'behind the scenes' that Uganda may lose this opportunity if it persists in promoting the exceptionally draconian Anti-Homosexuality Bill

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