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“Housing at AIDS 2010” Scholarship Application

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“Housing at AIDS 2010” Scholarship Application
Posted on: January 30 2010, 01:07 pm

The National AIDS Housing Coalition, facilitator of the International AIDS Housing Roundtable, will award a limited number of competitive scholarships to assist as many people as possible in attending the AIDS 2010 International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria from July 18-23, 2010 to participate in the International AIDS Housing Roundtable’s Satellite Meeting and other related HIV/AIDS Housing activities with the limited resources available.

The goal of this scholarship program is to sponsor individuals and organizations experienced in speaking to the various aspects of housing instability and its interaction with HIV/AIDS including, but not limited to: (1) women’s property rights, domestic violence, protection from HIV/AIDS; (2) migrants, refugees, mobile populations and barriers to HIV prevention and care; (3) HIV/AIDS risk in slums and informal housing as activists, policy-makers, researchers and consumers.

Our objective is to compile a group of people with diversity in age, ethnicity, gender, HIV status, ideology, race, region, and sexual orientation.

How to apply:
Please email Lauren Nussbaum at to request an application form. You will need to provide:

• Curriculum Vitae or Resume: In 1-2 pages, outline your related education and/or work experience, professional and/or volunteer activities, and honors.

• Personal Statement: In 1-2 pages, describe:

1. Your interest in and experience with HIV/AIDS housing

2. The state of housing in your home community and/or country

3. How you will share the knowledge and experience gained at AIDS 2010 with your home community

4. The diversity criteria listed above

• A letter of recommendation. Recommendations should be sent directly by the recommender and should fit on a single page.

Complete applications must be received by December 15th, 2009. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Scholarship results will be announced by the end of January, 2010.

Location:   Austria
Audience:   Migrant Workers
Type:   Grant
Amount:   0
Creator by Rob Worthington on 23 Oct 2009
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