Presentations from meetings

Reports, briefings and presentations from UK-CAB meetings.

This includes PowerPoint slide and PDFs.

It also includes links to selected additional materials on other websites.

All material has been presented or discussed at UK-CAB meetings.


Mind the gap – transition to adult care

Dr Caroline Foster, 19/01/18  [PDF, 7.8Mg]

HIV medicine and a bit of basic science

Dr Iain Reeves, 16/09/2017  [PDF, 2Mb]

Health and wellbeing outcomes in PLWH with and without depression

Davide de Francesco, 14/07/2017  [PDF, 500Kb]

Increased physical activity amongst HIV positive individuals

Declan Duncan, 14/07/2017  [PDF, 103Kb]

National standards of HIV peer support

Silvia Petretti, 14/07/2017  [PDF, 2.1Mb]

The changing landscape of cervical screening – What does the future hold for HIV positive women?

Dr Paola Cicconi, 14/07/2017  [PDF, 405Kb]

BHIVA spring conference 2017 feedback

Roy Trevelion, 21/04/2017  [PDF, 81 Kb]

Use of generic medication: a commissioning perspective

Janette Harper, 21/04/2017  [PDF, 481 Kb]

Generic HIV drugs

Nadia Naous, 21/04/2017  [PDF, 228 Kb]

CROI 2017 feedback

Simon Collins, 21/04/2017  [PDF, 5.8Mb]

MSD pre-meeting

Garry Brough, 21/04/2017  [PDF, 361Kb]

Getting the most out of your general practitioner

Dr Richard Ma, 20/01/2017  [PDF, 7Mb]

Shared care: Findings from the BHIVA primary care project

Dr Maryam Shahmanesh, 20/01/2017  [PDF, 688Kb]

BHIVA SHR guidelines on assisted conception

Chris O'Connor, 20/01/2017  [PDF, 780Kb]

BHIVA Audit and Standards subcommittee feedback

Ben Cromarty, 20/01/2017  [PDF, 521Kb]

Living with TB and HIV – a personal experience

HIV and TB patient, 04/11/16  [PDF, 3Mb]

TB services across England

Lynn Altass, 04/11/16  [PDF, 2Mb]

HIV and lung health

Dr Stephen Aston, 04/11/16  [PDF, various]

Additional files:

IAS and R4P conferences feedback

Roger Peabody, 04/11/16  [PDF, 500Kb]

BHIVA autumn feedback

Jo Josh, 04/11/16  [PDF, 3Mb]

HIV Glasgow conference feedback

Roy Trevelion, 04/11/16  [PDF, 3Mb]

BME access to mental health in Leicester

Johnson Mwangi, 08/07/2016  [PDF, 3.4Mb]

HIV neurology

Dr Nick Davies, 08/07/2016  [PDF, 4Mb]

Cognitive impairment in well treated cohorts – 1 of 2

Dr Jonathan Underwood, 08/07/16  [PDF, 4.8Mb]

Cognitive impairment in well treated cohorts – 2 of 2

Dr Jonathan Underwood, 08/07/16  [PDF, 5.5Mb]

SELPHI study

Mitzy Gafos, 08/07/2016  [PDF, 6Mb]

The menopause in women living with HIV

Dr Shema Tariq, 29/04/2016  [PDF, 3Mb]

PrEP update – NAT

Cheryl Gowar, 29/04/2016  [PDF, 332Kb]

Ageing with HIV conference feedback

Damian Kelly, 29/04/2016  [PDF, 81Kb]

Linkage to care following HIV diagnosis

Sara Croxford, 29/04/2016  [PDF, 519Kb]

Stigma index 2015 survey

Alastair Hudson, Valerie Delpech, Rebecca Mbewe, 29/04/2016  [PDF, 7Mb]

Living with HIV and diabetes: the perfect storm

George Rodgers, 25/01/16  [PDF, 95 Kb]

Type 2 Diabetes in HIV

Alastair Duncan, 25/01/16  [PDF, 660Kb]

Insulin resistance and diabetes mellitus in HIV infection

Dr Ana Milinkovic, 25/01/16  [PDF, 3.2Mb]

Effects of ART on the kidney: Which ones matter? – Falcon trial

Dr Frank Post, 25/01/16  [PDF, 7.1Mb]

HIV respiratory disease study

Dr James Brown, Dr Marc Lipman, 25/01/16  [PDF, 844Kb]

HIV cure research update

Dr Sarah Fidler, 16/10/15  [PDF, 7Mb]

Community perspective on HIV cure

Damian Kelly, 16/10/15  [PDF, 1.49Mb]

Community feedback: START study

Simon Collins, 03/07/15  [PDF, 170Kb]

Hepatitis C genotypes

Robert Fieldhouse, 03/07/15  [PDF, 164Kb]

DAAs for HCV infection – are we there yet?

Sanjay Baghani, 03/07/15  [PDF, 4.4Mb]

ChemSex and HIV HCV co-infection

David Stuart, 03/07/15  [PDF, 12Mb]

Additional files:

BHIVA feedback

Roger Pebody, 03/07/15  [PDF, 365Kb]

CPAG Prioritisation Framework

Sir Nick Partridge, 17/04/15  [PDF, 103Kb]

CROI 2015 feedback

Simon Collins, 17/04/2015  [PDF, 3MB]

BHIVA Treatment Guidelines consultation 2015

Roy Trevelion, 17/04/2015  [PDF, 78Kb]

TasP and PrEP – a policy perspective

Eleanor Briggs, 23/01/15  [PDF, 501Kb]

TasP and PrEP – doctor’s perspective

Dr Laura Waters, 23/01/15  [PDF, 6.3Mb]

PROUD study update

Mitzy Gafos, 23/01/15  [PDF, 629Kb]

Patient perspective on PrEP

Charlie Witzell, 23/01/15  [PDF, 2.5Mb]

HIV and sexual happiness

Dr Naomi Adams, 24/10/14  [PDF, 5.6Mb]

HIV and erectile dysfunction

Daniel Richardson, 24/10/14  [PDF, 3MB]

Chemsex – sexualised drug use by MSM

David Stuart, 24/10/14  [PowerPoint, 7.3Mb]

Who accesses PrEP? PROUD study baseline data analysis

Sheena McCormack via Gus Cairns, 24/10/14  [PDF, 603Kb]

In Treatment: improving psychological wellbeing in the HIV clinic

Dr Jenny Petrak, 07/04/2014  [PDF, 1Mb]

Setting the standards in providing HIV psychological support – engaging service users

Dr Poul Rohleder, 04/07/2014  [PDF, 6.3Mb]

Patient experience on mental health and HIV

Jo Josh, 04/07/2014  [PDF, 259Kb]

NIHR study to assess low dose efavirenz

Dr Alan Winston, 04/07/2014  [PDF, 222Kb]

States of Mind: Improving mental health in the HIV community

Silvia Petretti, 04/07/2014  [PDF, 2.5Mb]

Introduction to why there is a UK-CAB

Simon Collins, 25/04/2014  [PDF, 267Kb]

Introduction to clinical trials

Simon Collins, 25/04/2014  [PDF, 1.2Mb] campaign

Ian Bushfield, 25/04/2014  [PowerPoint, 188Kb]

The changing landscape of biomedical HIV prevention research

Mitzy Gafos, 25/04/2014  [PDF, 1.4Mb]

BHIVA Spring Conference 2014

Ben Cromarty, 25/04/2014  [PDF, 2.3Mb]

The International Liver Congress

Robert Fieldhouse, 25/04/2014  [PDF, 82 Kb]

NHS England: Patients at the heart of the agenda

Neil Churchill, 24/01/2014  [PDF, 1.7Mb]

Healthwatch England – a platform for action

Patrick Vernon OBE, 24/01/2014  [PDF, 314Kb]

Local government and Health and Wellbeing Boards

Alyson Morley, 24/01/13  [PDF, 307Kb]

Introduction to Hepatitis C

Robert James, 01/11/2013  [PDF, 1.8 Mb]  

HCV monitoring, treatment and studies update

Dr Graham Cooke, 01/11/2013  [PDF, 5.2 Mb]

HCV self-management training

Paula Mcfayden, 11/01/2013  [PDF, 940 Kb]

POPPY study update

Dr Alan Winston, 01/11/2013  [PDF, 1.1Mb]

EACS Conference feedback

Silvia Petretti, 11/01/2013  [PDF, ]

The HIV journey from paediatric to adult services

Dr Tomas Campbell, 12/07/2013  [PDF, 516 Kb]

Epidemiology of perinatal HIV in the UK/Ireland

Dr Ali Judd, 12/07/2013  [PDF, 3.2 Mb]

Growing up with HIV – the paediatric legacy for adult services – part 1/2

Dr Caroline Foster, 12/07/2013  [PDF, 7.2 Mb]

Growing up with HIV – the paediatric legacy for adult services – part 2/2

Dr Caroline Foster, 12/07/2013  [PDF, 7.2 Mb]

HIV and cancer – part 1 of 3

Prof Mark Bower, 12/04/2013  [PDF, 6.7Mb]

Additional files:

Introduction to HIV and cancer

Simon Collins, 12/04/2013  [PDF, 56Kb]

Introduction to HIV cure research: pieces in the puzzle

Simon Collins, 18/01/2013  [PDF, 2.4Mb]

Current research towards an HIV cure

Dr Sarah Fidler, 18/01/2013  [PDF, 2.7Mb]

Drug development process, an introduction

Rebecca McDowall, 19/10/2012  [PDF, 176Kb]

Drug development in relation to PrEP and PROUD studies

David Dolling, 19/10/2012  [PDF, 2.7Mb]

Access campaign – MSF

Katy Athersuch, 19/10/2012  [PDF, 584Kb]

Make women count

Silvia Petretti/Angelina Namiba, 19/10/2012  [PDF, 3.5Mb]

Washington Snapshot

Chris O'Connor, 10/19/2012  [PowerPoint, 6.9Mb]

WAC feedback: Living2012, 2015 pledge

Damian Kelly, 10/19/2012  [PDF, 452Kb]

Access campaign – MSF

Kath Athersuch, 19/10/2012  [PDF, 584Kb]

AIDS2012 – History and hepatitis

Dr Robert James, 19/10/2012  [PDF, 4.4Mb]

IAS feedback

Roger Pebody, 19/10/2012  [PDF, 2.7Mb]

Bone health and exercise

Victoria Brown, 07/06/2012  [PDF, 1.1Mb]

Bone health and Vitamin D deficiency in HIV+ patients

Dr Frank Post, 07/06/2012  [PDF, 5.8Mb]

Body and Soul – BHIVA community poster research

Alison Barnes, 07/06/2012  [PDF, 3.5Mb]


Caroline Sabin, 06/17/2010  [PDF, 720Kb]

Estimating loss to follow up among persons accessing HIV care in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Brian Rice, Valerie Delpech, Alison Brown and Zheng Yin, 13/04/2012  [PDF, 512 Kb]

HIV Drug Resistance

David Dunn, 13/04/2012  [PDF, 6.3Mb]

Less frequent tests, what impact on HIV care?

Dr Nashaba Matin, 13/04/2012  [PDF, 1Mb]

Patient reporting of medicines-related problems

Paul Clift, 13/04/2012  [PDF, 100Kb]

HIV Activism at 30

Robert James, 13/04/2012  [PDF, 512Kb]

Patient information security

Nathan Lea, 13/04/2012  [PDF, 1.1Mb]

Company meeting with Janssen

Dr Michael Aboud, Medical Lead Virology, 20/01/2012  [PowerPoint, 6 Mb]

Strengething community response to TB-HIV

Gitau Mburu, 20/01/2012  [PDF, 1.2Mb]

TB and HIV treatment and screening

Dr Santino Capocci, 01/20/2012  [PDF, 3.9Mb]

The XX Factor – women and HIV

Dr Jane Anderson, Homerton University Hospital, 21/10/2011  [PDF, 1.1Mb]

HIV research and gender

Lucy Campbell, King's College, London, 21/10/2011  [PDF, 316Kb]

Gender and HIV research: history and overview

Angelina Namiba, HIV i-Base, 21/10/2011  [PDF, 56Kb]

HIV and brain function

Dr Tristan Barber, 2011  [PDF, 464KB]

HIV, antiretroviral therapy and the brain

Dr Sam Nightingale, 2011  [PDF, 7.7MB]

London drug commissioning 2011

, 2011  [PDF, 68KB]

iPrEX Trial Design: statistical aspect of the results relating to the adherence data

Dr Colette Smith, 2011  [PDF, 120Kb]

Genital Tract ART Implications for transmission 2010

Dr Steve Taylor, 2011  [PowerPoint, 6MB]

CROI 2010 feedback

Simon Collins, 2010  [PDF, 172 Kb]

Poster: Africans in UK present late and are likely to be on ARVs soon after an HIV diagnosis

Dr Getrude Wafula-Anyango, 2010  [PDF, 2.2 MB]

HIV and MSM in England: A new wave of challenge

Adebisi Alimi, 2010  [PowerPoint, 452 Kb]

African sub-groups session Issues for Men

Jabulani Chwaula, 2010  [PowerPoint, 1.2 MB]

African Treatment Issues and HPA data on late diagnosis

Dr Ade Fakoya, 2010  [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Feedback from BHIVA Conference

Robert James, 2009  [PDF, 56 Kb]

Ageing with HIV: Project overview Frontline HIV Forum

John J.J. O’Callaghan-Williamson, 2009  [PowerPoint, 2.1 MB]

Proposed Ageing Study

Caroline Sabin, 2009  [PowerPoint, 720 Kb]

IAS Feedback Cape Town 2009

Simon Collins, 2009  [PDF, 3.2 Mb]

BMS Data Update

Dr Keith Aizen, Victoria Adamson BMS, 2009  [PowerPoint, 3.3 Mb]

Additional files:

Advocacy Training in Practice

Winnie Sseruma, 2009  [PowerPoint, 564 Kb]

Additional files:

HIV Treatment Advocacy Overview

Michael Marr, 2009  [PowerPoint, 948 Kb]

Additional files:

Draft BHIVA Guidelines Routine Monitoring of HIV

Matthew Williams, 2009  [PowerPoint, 948 Kb]

Additional files:

BHIVA feedback

Simon Collins, 2009  [PowerPoint, 844 Kb]

Additional files:

Feedback from CROI – BHIVA

Simon Collins, 2009  [PDF, 72 Kb]

HIV and Drug Resistance

Simon Collins, 2009  [PDF, 2.2 Mb]

Introducing the HIV Vaccine Advisory Board

Ken Legg, 2009  [PowerPoint, 556 Kb]

Additional files:

When to Start Therapy? The Patient’s Viewpoint

Gus Cairns, 2009  [PowerPoint, 1.6 Mb]

A rough guide to the immune system

Dr Adrian Palfreeman, 2009  [PowerPoint, 1.1 Mb]

Intelence (Etravirine) Update

Rekha Sinha, MD, 2009  [PowerPoint, 1.7Mb]

TMC278 Update

Peter Williams, 2009  [PowerPoint, 888 Kb]

TMC207 Update

Karel de Beule, 2009  [PowerPoint, 364 Kb]

Etravirine, Darunavir and pipeline HIV plus HCV and TB

Tibotec, 2009  [PowerPoint, 876 Kb]


Tibotec, 2009  [PowerPoint, 3.1 Mb]

Mexico feedback: research overview

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base, 2008  [PDF, 1.2 Mb]

Mexico feedback: social issues

Paul Clift, UK-CAB, 2008  [PDF, 1 Mb]

Additional files:

BHIVA/CHIVA feedback

Matt Williams, UK-CAB, 2008  [PowerPoint, 369 Kb]

Additional files:

Young people and HIV: a social support perspective

Maria Phelan, NCB, Oct 2008  [PDF, 256 Kb]

Additional files:

Undetectable = uninfectious? Treatment as prevention

Dr Bernard Hirschel, University Hospital, Geneva, 2008  [PDF, 232 Kb]

Undetectable = uninfectious? Community response

Edwin J Bernard, NAM, 2008  [PowerPoint, 375 Kb]

Undetectable = uninfectious? Community response

Silvia Petretti, Positively Women/PozFem UK, 2008  [PowerPoint, 245 Kb]

Guidance for public on reporting side effects

Guidance for public on reporting side effects

(link to external site) MRHA, 2008  [PDF, 65 Kb]

10 essential actions for effective TB infection control

10 essential actions for effective TB infection control

(link to external site) Stop TB Partnership, 2008  [PDF, 231 Kb]

Describing the risk of an event and identifying risk factors

Dr Caroline Sabin, Royal Free Hospital, 2008  [PowerPoint, 336 Kb]

CROI 2008 feedback: understanding statistics in 3 studies

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base, 2008  [PDF, 4 Mb]

D:A:D position statement – abacavir, ddI and risk of heart attack

D:A:D position statement

(link to external site) D:A:D steering committee, 2008  [PDF, 63 Kb]

Immigration removal centres and HIV

Joe Murry, Policy Officer, NAT, 2007  [PowerPoint, 214 Kb]

Tests and monitoring in HIV infection

Matt Williams, UK CAB, 2007  [PowerPoint, 558 Kb]

Viral tropism

Matt Williams, UK CAB, 2007  [PDF, 592 Kb]

Monitoring HIV infection and treatment in the era of HAART

Dr Simon Edwards, Mortimer Market Centre, 2007  [PowerPoint, 152 Kb]

Sisters are doing it for themselves: women, sexual health and HIV

(link to external site) HIV Scotland, 2007  [PDF, 1.5 Mb]

BHIVA Audit 2006-7: survey of patient assessment and monitoring

BHIVA Audit 2006-7: survey of patient assessment and monitoring

(link to external site) BHIVA, 2007  [PDF, 80 Kb]

Women, HIV and microbicides seminar report

Women, HIV and microbicides seminar report

(link to external site) George House Trust and UK African Microbicides Working Group, 2007  [PDF, 210 Kb]

BHIVA standards project

Hilary Curtis, 2006  [PowerPoint, 258 Kb]

Human rights protection for people with HIV/AIDS

Human rights protection for people with HIV/AIDS

(link to external site) Hermione McEwen, Senior Solicitor, Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit, 2006  [PowerPoint, 42 Kb]

UK guideline for the use of post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV following sexual exposure

UK guideline for the use of post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV following sexual exposure

(link to external site) Department of Health, 2008  [PDF, 493 Kb]

Update on the neurological manifestations of HIV

Justin McArthur, MBBS, MPH, Professor of Neurology and Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (PRN Notebook), 2005  [PDF, 192 Kb]

CAB steering group feedback

Mark McPherson, UK CAB, 2005  [PowerPoint, 164 Kb]

HIV Clinical trials at MRC Clinical Trials Unit

Nick Paton, MRC Clinical Trials Unit, 2005  [PowerPoint, 1.3 Mb]

Entry inhibitors and immunology

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base, 2005  [PowerPoint, 116 Kb]

Paediatric HIV care

HIV i-Base, 2005  [PowerPoint, 547 Kb]

BHIVA treatment guidelines 2005

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base, 2005  [PowerPoint, 84 Kb]

BHIVA guidelines: what’s new – new drugs

Brian West, HIV Scotland, 2005  [PDF, 620 Kb]

Participating in an HIV vaccine trial

Jo Robinson, EATG Vaccines Working Group, 2004  [PowerPoint, 212 Kb]

HIV vaccine clinical trials: the need for community involvement

Ken Legg, Imperial College of London, 2004  [PowerPoint, 448 Kb]

Community participation in western Europe

Emmanuel Trénado, EATG Vaccines Working Group, 2004  [PowerPoint, 2.1 Mb]

Community participation in eastern Europe

Dmitry Samoylov, Community of People Living with HIV/AIDS, Moscow, 2004  [PDF, 1.4 Mb]

European AIDS vaccine trials: an advocacy agenda

Marion Zibelli, EATG Vaccine Working Group, 2004  [PowerPoint, 148 Kb]

Statistics part 3: design of randomised controlled trials of treatments for HIV infection

Dr Caroline Sabin, Reader in Medical Statistics and Epidemiology, Department of Primary Care and Population Sciences, 2004  [PowerPoint, 312 Kb]

Introduction to basic vaccine technology

Henry Graeme-Smith, 2004  [PowerPoint, 416 Kb]

Topical microbicides

Jo Robinson, THT in cooperation with the Global Campaign for Microbicides, 2004  [PowerPoint, 3.4 Mb]

International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

Maite Suarez, IAVA, 2004  [PowerPoint, 1.9 Mb]

Community involvement in vaccine and microbicide research

Julian Meldrum, 2004  [PowerPoint, 48 Kb]

Thorny issues in HIV vaccine trials

Saul Walker, Policy Advisor. IAVI, 2004  [PowerPoint, 272 Kb]

Towards error-free HIV diagnosis: guidelines on laboratory practice

Towards error-free HIV diagnosis: guidelines on laboratory practice

(link to external site) JV Parry, PP Mortimer, KR Perry, D Pillay, M Zuckerman, for the Health Protection Agency HIV Laboratory Diagnosis Message board (Communicable Disease and Public Health), December 2003  [PDF, 332 Kb]

Statistics part 2: hypothesis (significance) testing – more complex statistical methods

Dr Caroline Sabin, Reader in Medical Statistics and Epidemiology, Department of Primary Care and Population Sciences, 2003  [PDF, 464 Kb]

Statistics part 1: different types of study design – describing and displaying data

Dr Caroline Sabin, Reader in Medical Statistics and Epidemiology, Department of Primary Care and Population Sciences, 2003  [PDF, 628 Kb]

Enfuvirtide (T-20)

Roche, Leroy Benons, Medical Advisor – HIV, Roche, 2003  [PowerPoint, 5 Mb]

Access to HIV treatment: issues of working with HIV positive refugees and asylum seekers

Linda McDonald MA MSc RN, 2003  [PowerPoint, 61 Kb]

TB and HIV

Dr Anton Pozniak, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, 2003  [PowerPoint, 880 Kb]

Hepatits C/HIV coinfection

Dr Ranjababu Kulasegaram, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, 2003  [PDF, 748 Kb]

Additional files:

Principles of care of the HIV-1 infected pregnant mother

Principles of care of the HIV-1 infected pregnant mother

(link to external site) Dr Karen Beckerman, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, New York University, October 2002  [PDF, 5.1 Mb]

HIV and subfertility

Leila Frodsham, Clinical Research Fellow, Assisted Conception Unit, Chelsea and Westminster, 2002  [PowerPoint, 338 Kb]

Tipranavir: design of the RESIST study

Dr Kevin Curry, Boehringer Ingelheim, 2002  [PowerPoint, 468 Kb]

Unique resistance profile of tipranavir

Dr Kevin Curry, Boehringer Ingelheim, 2002  [PowerPoint, 696 Kb]

Clinical aspects of treatment with tipranavir

Dr Kevin Curry, Boehringer Ingelheim, 2002  [PowerPoint, 444 Kb]

Understanding HIV-1 drug resistance testing

Professor Clive Loveday, International Clinical Virology Centre, 2002  [PDF, 2.5 Mb]

Salvage therapy

Dr Mike Youle, Royal Free Centre for HIV Medicine, 2002  [PDF, 1.1 Mb]

Methods of drug evaluation

Tim Peto, MRC Clinical Trials Unit, 2002  [PowerPoint, 332 Kb]

Additional files:

Gilead: tenofovir

Gilead Sciences, 2002  [PDF, 328 Kb]

Additional files:


BMS, 2002  [PowerPoint, 834 Kb]

Informed consent and patient involvement in trials

Norbert Tamm, Research Charge Nurse, Imperial College and St Mary’s Hospital, 2002  [PowerPoint, 52 Kb]

Additional files:

d4T (stavudine, Zerit) extended release

BMS, 2002  [PowerPoint, 166 Kb]

DPC 083-201 (DuPont 083)

Dr Nancy Ruiz, 2002  [PowerPoint, 914 Kb]

What are observational studies?

Caroline Sabin, 17/06/2010  [PDF, 176Kb]